• Are you considering retiring from District 6?  If so, this page will have the information needed.  If you have further questions, please email



    If you ARE retiring at the end of the 2021-2022 school year, then please click on the link below to fill out your Notification of Retirement.  

    The deadline for a 110 retirement request has a deadline of March 1, 2022 per Master Contract

    The deadline for this form for the retirement celebration is to be determined.

    After you have submitted your Notification of Retirement, please fill out the attached Sick Leave Reimbursement Form and turn it into Payroll.


    Retirement Informational Meetings

     If you are considering retiring either this current school year or a couple school years out, it is highly recommened that you attend a retirement meeting for more information.  Human Resources, Benefits, PERA, and Flood and Peterson will be there for any questions that you may have. Clicking this link will direct you to the powerpoint presentation given at these retirement meetings. The dates for 2022 retirement meetings are February 3 2022 from 4:30-5:30, and February 16th from 4:30-5:30. These will be conducted via Zoom. For registration or any further questions about retirement, please email Lynn Lohman in Human Resources at To view a recording of a previous session, please follow this link.




    PERA has an excellent website .  You are encouraged to visit this website for more information or contact a PERA representatives at 303-832-9550. Anyone considering retirement should contact PERA well in advance of your anticipated retirement date.

    Please check here for more updates as they become available.

Retirement Process

Retirement Process