Power Students of the Month

    Devina is someone that has demonstrated responsibility and respect to all her teachers this year. Whether it’s by coming to class prepared with specific questions about the material and taking responsibility for her own learning, or communicating her absences with teachers beforehand and making plans for how to make up the material, Devina has proved herself a reliable and respectful student. Between her involvement in Athletic Club, Performing Arts, and Anime Club as well as volunteering with Gifts from the Heart, Devina is a busy and active student.
    “Devina is someone that is always 2-3 minutes early to class, ready to begin the lesson for the day. She respects others’ opinions during class discussions over various topics. During class, she is never afraid to ask for assistance and clarification on the given material. When my class has group activities, Devina is a natural leader; helping her groupmates to derive answers for an assigned topic. Her respect and leadership ability goes beyond the classroom. I see her interacting with colleagues and faculty in a professional manner; whether it be in the hallway or during Athletic Club. When Athletic Club was in danger of being disbanded, Devina took it upon herself to rejuvenate the club, recruiting enough students within two weeks to keep the club active. During our club meetings, she respects everyone and motivates everyone to do their best. She will be someone that will continue be a leader at the Early College Academy and will have success during her Junior and Senior years.” (Mark Moody, Geography Instructor)
    Alejandro H november (effort): alejandro hinojosa Mata
    “I’ve known Alejandro since he was an 8th grader. As a freshman, he has quickly recognized the high academic and behavioral expectations at ECA. To meet those expectations, he is always on time to class and prepared with his materials. In class, he is a very active learner and is always willing to help other students understand. He has learned to self-advocate for himself by asking clarifying questions in class as well as making use of the tutors during seminar. Alejandro has been in my classroom multiple mornings and during lunch to receive extra help on material. He has also mentioned seeking help from tutors at the main AIMS campus at Greeley. On top of meeting academic expectations, Alejandro is also very polite and well behaved and greatly adds to the positive culture we have at ECA.” (Sidney Cerise, Math Instructor)

    Chris A OCTOBER (Work): Christopher Arellano
    “It has been my privilege to have Chris in both English 10 and Financial Literacy. He started the year off and running right away and continues to produce quality work. Assignments are not procrastinated. Not only does he start working right away, but he reviews his work carefully, ask appropriate clarifying questions and encourages others to produce their best work by participating in dialogue and peer review. Chris uses all the time available to him to study quietly setting an example for others of a strong work ethic. I appreciate his hard working contribution to the culture and climate of each class.” (Cherise Packham, English Instructor)

    Andrew J
    SEPTEMBER (Ownership): Andrew Johnson
    “Andrew Johnson has taken OWNERSHIP of his educational experience this fall in a way that shows true growth as a college student. In the few short weeks that we’ve been back to school, I’ve watched him set academic goals for his senior year and start laying the foundation to achieve those goals. He’s learned from the past and is using those experiences to be successful in the present. He’s not afraid to ask for help when he needs it and benefits from the assistance of his instructors when reaching out for help. Through taking ownership of his education, Andrew’s actions serve to support and encourage his classmates. I'm excited to see what this year holds for Andrew. Owning his academic experience will no doubt lead to great things!”  (Mindy Marshall, AIMS Academic Advisor)
    David M
    AUGUST (Pride): David Melendez
    “David is an outstanding representation of what PRIDE looks like at Early College Academy. Since ECA’s inception, he has taken an active role in modeling school pride. He is a quiet leader in student council and lets his actions speak louder than words. David actively participates in all school spirit days, parties, dances and was an integral part in helping to plan and host ECA’s first ever Prom. When David served as a teacher’s assistant, he was very dependable. He could be trusted to complete any task assigned in a prompt and precise manner. In class, David takes pride in his learning and works hard to achieve his goals. David is always quick with a smile and friendly to all students and adults at Early College Academy. Over the last two years, David has matured and grown into a student who embodies PRIDE in himself, his school and his community!”  (Jodee Rupple, Math Instructor)