• D6 Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC)


    SHAC is a group composed of high schoolers from around District 6 that are focused on combating health issues in the community. SHAC began in 2018 and has since been growing and improving. 


    Current members serving are from: Greeley Central High School, Greeley West High School, Jefferson High School, Northridge High School, Union Colony High School, and University Schools. 

  • SHAC Logo

  • Mission Statement: “Through education and resources that reach a diverse audience, SHAC will create a culture which empowers students to develop healthy physical, social, and mental habits, making a difference in their present and future lives.”


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  • SHAC Completed and Ongoing Projects 

    • 2019-2020- Create a mural on mental health that incorporates the Sources of Strength Wheel. 
      • Currently painting the mural.
      • Collaborating with a local artist.  
      • Mural will be placed on the District 6 Family Center. 
      • Filming SHAC mural painting for promotional video. 
    • Spring 2019- Organized stress-relief tables at several high schools and middle schools.
      • Created stress-relief balls for students.
      • Talked with students about stress.
      • Provided resources to students. 
    • Spring 2018- Conducted a district-wide high school survey to determine health issues for high schoolers.
      • Received 1,000 responses from high schoolers.  
      • Determined that mental health was the number one concern amongst high schoolers.