Mindfulness is a state of awareness and a practice; it involves attending to the present moment and cultivating an attitude of curiosity, openness and acceptance of one’s experience. It is a secular (non-religious) practice that is backed by a growing body of compelling scientific evidence that indicates a wide range of potential benefits, from improving physical and mental health to promoting pro-social behavior. Mindfulness can play a vital role in helping students and teachers create a classroom environment conducive to learning and personal growth.  (Transforming Education.org)

District 6 Specific Programs/Curriculum

    • Current programs being implemented in D6 Schools:

      • Mindful Life: Franklin Middle School, Jefferson Junior High School, Jefferson Senior High School
      • Mindful Schools: Monfort Elementary School
      • Second Step
    • Ideas for mindfulness kits (make your own!): tone bar, fidgets, stress balls, cardstock to write cards, kinetic sand, Hoberman sphere, glitter bottles