Spring Expenditure Update

  • Purchases and initiatives that will be completed before July 2018:

    • Security cameras at Greeley Central, Greeley West, Northridge and Jefferson High Schools: Cameras have been purchased and are now being installed. More than 40 cameras have been installed and are operational in Jefferson High School. Installation is continuing at Northridge High School. Installation of security cameras will take place at Greeley Central and Greeley West over the summer.

    • New visitor, volunteer and crisis management system: District 6 is reviewing a new system that will do immediate background checks on visitors and volunteers entering schools, and will help schools manage reunification should a crisis occur. This purchase and contract should be ready for approval in June.
    • Snow removal equipment: Five trucks with snow plows attached and four tractors have been purchased locally through the bidding process. The vehicles are being fitted with special equipment and will be delivered this month.

    • Roof replacement and repairs: Four roofs will be replaced with MLO dollars over the summer. Bids have been awarded for all these projects. The roofs that will be paid for through MLO dollars are Franklin Middle School, Jackson Elementary School, Madison Elementary School and Meeker Elementary School. In addition, seven other roofs will be replaced on schools using dollars from BEST grants and matching funds, insurance payments and capital improvement funds.

    • Secondary English curriculum: The Board of Education approved the new secondary language arts curriculum at its May 14 meeting. The recommendation from the District Curriculum Committee was to purchase StudySync from McGraw Hill for middle schools. The recommendation for high school is to purchase SpringBoard from College Board. The curriculum is a mix of traditional text books and digital content. It was available for public review before the purchase was made. Teachers will be trained on the new curriculum over the summer, and it will be in classrooms beginning in August.

    • Summer School, After School and Saturday School programming: Many schools already have extended day and Saturday programs up and running!  More than 23 schools will offer summer school programs this year. Programs are designed to meet the needs of students at each school. Students who can benefit from these extended programs will be invited to participate. We are excited to have more offerings for secondary students over the summer to help them earn credits they need to graduate or to accelerate them to more advanced coursework. 

    • Technology infrastructure and wireless access: Infrastructure has been updated in order to serve new devices that will be purchased with MLO dollars.

    • Technology replacement: The Board of Education has approved contracts to purchase more than 4,000 new devices that will replace technology at Greeley West High School, Greeley Central High School and some at Northridge High School. Many of these devices haven't been updated since 2009. The technology will arrive over the summer and be installed in schools by the Fall. 

    • Access control locks and badges: Specifications for this project are still being developed, and this will provide additional safety measures at all of our schools.

    • New phone and communications system: Bids have been received for this project and are under review. The contract should be ready for this purchase in June.

    • Other expenditures: boiler replacement at Franklin Middle School and Jefferson Junior High School; portables at McAuliffe STEM Academy and Greeley West to accommodate growth and enrollment; hiring a Business Community Partnership Administrator that will oversee internships, apprenticeships and business partnerships; and the promised allocation of revenue to charter schools.

    In addition to these expenditures, every hourly employee received a pay increase.