Charter School 2018 Spending Plans

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    West Ridge Academy's spending plan for the 2018 school year:

    • Funding for the Assistant Principal position
    • Playground monitor T.A.’s
    • Classroom T.A.’s
    • Covering the remainder of expenses for the Kindergarten teachers
    • Leveled Readers
    • Classroom Library Books
    • Reading List Books
    • 12 IPAD Mini’s
    • Security Cameras
    • Laptops for additional staff
    • Additional IT Hardware for our school server
    • Replacing broken or dilapidated furniture and equipment

  • Union Colony Union Colony Schools will be using a portion of the FY18 MLO funds for start-up costs of the new Preparatory School.  Additional investments at this time include curriculum, technology, and personnel.  Any remaining funds will be rolled to FY19.


    • Short-throw interactive white-board projectors, PA/Bell system, security cameras/system, networked door access controls, etc.


    • Elementary server


    • Elementary reading, middle school language arts, and social studies


    • Technolgy Director to start in May to overlap with the existing tech director

  • Frontier Academy Frontier Academy is planning to first focus on deferred maintenance projects as the greatest priority this year and then address other areas identified below:

    Deferred Maintenance Projects:
    • Costs associated with design and engineering for different maintenance projects
    • Mitigating water and flooding issues at the elementary (drainage along building perimeters at the elementary school)
    • Parking lot re-engineering to correct flooding and water retention issues along with general potting
    • Parking lot resurfacing at the secondary campus
    • Carpeting and flooring in common areas 
    Creating Competitive Staff Compensation Structures:
    • Planning stages of this piece
    Updating Safety and Security Measures:
    • Costs associated with front entrance safety and security on both campuses
    • Update health clerk office at the elementary campus
    • Increasing the number and coverage area of security cameras
    Updating Instructional Materials:
    • Update classroom instructional technology (e.g. document cameras and audiovisual displays) on both campuses

  • Salida Del Sol Salida Del Sol Academy will be identifying needs by using the MLO funding for:

    Safety and Security

    • The school will add additional security cameras to the interior and exterior of our campus.  A drop-off/pick up loop is also be considered adjacent to our current parking lot to improve safety and security of arriving and departing students.

    Professional Development

    • Funding will be used for additional professional development, including, but not limited to, additional training in Gomez & Gomez.

    Retention of Highly Qualified Faculty and Support Staff

    • SDSA will provide additional funding to lower cost of insurance/benefits for our employees.


    • SDSA provides a Chromebook for each student and teacher.  Additional Chromebooks and other forms of technology will be purchased as well.

    Curriculum and Instructional Materials

    • Additional textbooks and supplemental materials for dual language instruction will be purchased for students in grades K-8.