Who Makes Up Your School's Mental Health Team?

  • Every District 6 school has a mental health team that is typically comprised of an Administrator, School Psychologist, School Social Worker, School-Based North Range Therapist, The Third Leg of the Stool | Leading Learners Institute |School Counselors (at the Secondary Level) and Behavior Consultant (at Elementary Level)  Individual Schools may vary slightly.

    Click on the Lead mental health provider's name to email for questions and support.  


    District 6 Lead School Mental Health Providers

    Supporting the Head and Heart Connection


    If have concerns about your student, we can help support you and your student while they are at school. Please email the lead at your student's building and a mental health provider will respond within 24 hours.




Elementary School Mental Health Providers

K-8 & Middle School Mental Health Providers

High School Mental Health Providers