Class Expectations

Mrs. Cummings Class Expectations

  • Required Materials

    1. Pencils                 b. Notebook       c. Whiteboard Marker      d. Coloring utensils

    What we will STUDY this year

    Science                                  Social Studies

    Scientific Skills                     Social Studies Skills

    Mixtures & Solutions             Ancient Europe

    Plate Tectonics                     Modern Europe

    Natural Selection                  Africa

    Body Systems                      North Africa & Southwest Asia

    Cells & Disease                     Asia


    Grading Scale

        All grades are updated by Sunday nights. Check Infinite Campus to see how you are doing.       

    100-90%= A         89-80%= B        79-70% = C       69-60% = D      59% and lower = F   

                                     60% Tests & Projects        40% Assignments



    Notebooks are to be brought to class every day.  All of your notes and class work will be entered in the notebook. There will be periodic notebook checks. 

    This notebook is a HUGE part of your grade! Don’t Lose it!

    **You can store your notebook in your classroom student folder.


    Homework and Projects

    Science- Project for every unit we study! Parents should expect to see a direction sheet and a timeline of checkpoints to make sure there is not any procrastination!

    Social Studies-Weekly homework! Given on Monday & due Thursday.

    Late Work- 50% off if LATE! If 2 weeks late you can only receive 1 point L



    We all have days that we are sick or cannot be at school that day. It is YOUR responsibility to make up what you missed even if you were excused! 

    • Get a Make-Up Assignments form & collect all papers you need.
    • Check with your “Absent Ambassador” to help with questions you may have about the assignments.

    * Absent on a day an Assignment is due = turn in the day you return.

    * Absent when we are given a new assignment = 2 extra days to turn in.



    In addition to the Chappelow PRIDE expectations discussed at the start of the year, our classroom community has 6 community agreements:

    • RESPECT!
    • Try your BEST 
    • One Mic                              
    • Step Up / Step Back
    • Take care of yourself
    • Have FUN!


    Food and Drink

                    YES – WATER!                       NO – Snacks L, gum, candy, or soda.


    Group Work Understandings

    G – Give thoughtful feedback

    R – Respect others and their thoughts

    O – On task all the time

    U – Use soft voices

    P – Participate actively

    S – Stay with your group


    Technology- Using the school technology and the Internet is a privilege, not a right. My expectations for using electronics are…

    • Use the use apps or websites that I have directed you to. Camera is to be used for approved educational purposes.
    • Tell me immediately if you or others have accessed inappropriate material while using the Internet or electronic communications.
    • Only use your name and password to log on, never someone else’s. Keep your information PRIVATE.
    • Treat technology equipment and the district network respectfully. Treat them like you would your own Grandma.
    • Do not change the settings on the iPad or load any new apps.

    Always log off, clear apps you were using, and put iPads away in their right home.


    Schoology --This year, our class will be using Schoology for a number of digital assignments throughout the year. Schoology will be accessed with the email account your student is issued from the school. If you are interested in seeing what we are working on in Schoology, you can either have your student log on or email Mrs. Cummings for your students specific parent access code. Students can log in from a web browser, or use the free Schoology app, available for Android or iOS mobile devices. 


    Remind app--To enhance school to home communication, the 7th grade team plans to use an app called Remind. This app was designed for teachers and allows us to send reminders directly to your phone. The reminders we send will include homework assignments, upcoming projects and tests, school functions, and more.

    If you are interested in receiving these messages, follow the directions found below. Standard text messaging rates will apply. Rest assured that you will not receive advertisement texts and your phone number information will remain private.

    Þ To sign up to receive messages, simply text @chapp2025 to this number 81010

    Þ You may choose to opt out at anytime by texting the word STOP to the same number

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. To 81010 text @chapp2025