Power Students of the Month





    "Ranzel is a student who embodies ECA pride. He has a positive attitude, is a leader, and has great consideration for his fellow peers. He goes out of his way to make other students feel connected. He is highly involved in school activities, such as National Honor Society, Dungeons and Dragons, and Gaming Club. Beyond his regular club commitments, there have been countless times where Ranzel has stepped up to represent our school, whether in a formal tour guide role or during impromptu conversations with future ECA families. His ability to take on a professional role when placed in these circumstances is a testament to his growth as a student. Ranzel is a student who I am proud to say will be an ECA graduate in May, as I know that he will represent our school well with his future endeavors." (Karen Pullen, Science Instructor)

    Activities / hobbies / interests:
    Gaming Club
    What achievements or moments have you been proud of yourself for since coming to ECA?
    “I’ve been proud of staying on track to graduate and working hard as Professor Howell's TA."
    Future education / personal goals:
    “I'm thinking about becoming a dentist - I've already got accept to UNC - but I'm also thinking about becoming a teacher because my teachers here have made a big impact in my life."