Power Students of the Month





    “Adriana displays ownership in the way that she approaches the classroom. She is always attentive, inquisitive, and ready to work. She asks questions, seeks out help when she needs it, actively engages in class lecture and discussions, and advocates for her own learning. I think her genuine curiosity about the subjects she’s studying and desire to improve her knowledge and skills is an embodiment of the concept of ownership as a college student.
    Adriana’s quiet and reserved nature makes it easy to overlook her work ethic and dedication to her studies. While other students might be more outgoing and more vocal in class, Adriana is able to find ways to engage in the course by seeking out opportunities to discuss coursework in a one-on-one setting. Few students are willing to sacrifice some of their down time to continue a discussion about class. Adriana’s willingness to do so is why she deserves to be recognized for the ownership she takes over her educational journey.” (Casey Clay, History Instructor)

    Activities / hobbies / interests:
    Key Club
    What achievements or moments have you been proud of yourself for since coming to ECA?
    “If I had a to choose a moment I have been proud of, it would be the fact that I’m starting to open up more to people without even realizing it until my peers point it out. I’m not completely out of my shell, but I find myself doing or saying things that I would have never expected from myself before.”
    Future education / personal goals:
    “I’m still not set on what I want for my future education, but I’m currently deciding between something in the medical or education field.”

    “Winter’s commitment and follow-through on projects is wonderful and consistent. Most recently with the Arts and Lit mural on the south end of our building, not only did she come in over the summer to finish it, but she led her team of student volunteers as well.
    Winter’s quirky and positive attitude on a daily basis is both inspiring and a great example of how we can choose to be our true selves, and is one of the many reasons that makes ECA so special. We all look forward to her keen wit, hilarious puns/jokes, and her beaming presence.” (Anthony Martinez, Building Manager & Art Club Sponsor)

    Activities / hobbies / interests:
    Art Club President
    Chick-Fil-A Employee
    What achievements or moments have you been proud of yourself for since coming to ECA?
    “I’ve been proud of being able to increase my work ethic and not give up even when things are tough."
    Future education / personal goals:
    “I want to find a good career and continue to be successful, possibly in the Justice System, working in Criminology."