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What a great Romero Academy family assembly we had together on September 1, 2017!  We celebrated all we have accomplished together and encouraged all of our students that they can achieve their dreams. We had guest speakers who were musicians.  They achieved their dreams and demonstrated to all of our students that if they work hard and persevere they will accomplish their dreams.. 
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The Bella Romero 2020 Science Club is comprised of 17 8th grade students that have been attending our science club meetings each Wednesday after school since September. They completed an independent research project facilitated with the help of a PhD student, Dale Broder, at Colorado State University. All of their hard work paid off Wednesday February 24th, when they attended the culminating field trip to CSU. The students spent the morning and early afternoon visiting research scientists and their laboratories at CSU getting some hands on interaction with this research.
After visiting scientists, our students presented their research to other research scientists, graduate students, and undergraduate students at CSU at the Front Range Student Ecology Symposium. Our students won 1st place for their poster presenting their research. Their poster was judged against all of the other collegiate students’ work and THEY WON!  It was a very cool moment for them and really solidified all their hard work throughout these last few months.
Thanks to all of the teachers/coaches who were so flexible throughout this experience!  It was an irreplaceable moment for these students and I am so appreciative of your support! - Ms. Katie Guilbert


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 Bella Romero Academy and OtterBox Partner to Prepare Students for 22nd Century
The Bella Romero Academy was recently awarded a $12,500 "Innovation Station" grant from the OtterCares Foundation to fund upgrades to the 4-8 Campus makerspace (defined as a space where people can gather to create, invent, and learn).  Otter Products and its OtterCares Foundation are passionate about supporting students in being innovative and entrepreneurial - a perfect match with The Academy's commitment to operating as "Tomorrow's School...Today".  The grant has been used to purchase additional 3D printers, CAD (computer-aided design) software, professional video production and editing equipment/software, and other cutting edge products to enhance learning.
Students use these futuristic tools in combination with a model called the "Design Thinking Process" developed by the Institute of Design as Stanford to solve complex problems.  Design thinking is defined as "a formal method for practical, creative resolution of problems and creation of solutions, with the intent of an improved future result."  Fore example, students may invent a robotic device to solve a problem the researched, use CAD software to create a prototype of that robot, print the robot parts using the 3D printer, and then program this invention to complete the task using computer science coding software.
 The makerspace is used in the school's "Advanced Robotics", "Science/Technology", "Computer Science", "Introduction to Engineering", "Digital Media", and "Electronic Publications" courses.  In the future, parents, and community members will be invited to use this innovative space to work on their own projects and creations.  In fact, a facilities employee just recently visited the school to request the manufacture (via 3D printer) of a part needed to improve the stability of mounted "exit" signs in schools throught the district.  A perfect project for an entrepreneurial young engineer to tackle!
The Bella Romero Academy is grateful to the OtterCares Foundation and looks to continue this partnership through involvement of Otter Products employees in supporting students as they tackle design challenges using first-class tools and 22nd Century models of thinking.  Tomorrow has officially been introduced to today.