Spelling Bee


    We are enrolled in the spelling bee! Interested kids will still take the 25 word spelling test in January, and the top 25-30 students on that test will advance to the oral bee, to be held on February 19th. The winner of the Chappelow oral spelling bee will automatically be eligible for the Colorado State Bee in Denver.
    You might want to watch the movie Akeelah and the Bee (Rated PG) to help get inspired. Here is a preview...
    Another great spelling movie is the documentary, Spellbound. Click here for a clip. And if you like the trailer, you can watch the entire movie on You Tube.



    NEW! Check out this website to help you practice for the spelling test and bee. It has audio links to listen to the pronunciation of the word, and includes language of origin, definitions, and more! Click Here to try it out (click on Test My Spelling Skill)! 

    Try The Spelling Bee site, which has audio support and context for the spelling words. At this site, kids need to type in the words that they hear spoken in the story that is provided.