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    Daniela Diaz | Greeley-Evans District 6 Student

    Daniela Diaz knows her parents have made sacrifices to give her and her two siblings a better life. They left their native Mexico to come to the United States, mainly so their children could have more opportunities.

    And as a freshman at Northridge High School, Daniela doesn’t take her parents’ sacrifice lightly.

    “My parents came here to give me and my siblings a better education. My way of returning the favor to them is to go to college,” Daniela said. “I want to focus on the medical field.”

    Daniela knows a great education will help her reach all her goals. Through all the schools she has attended in District 6 - Madison Elementary, Franklin Middle and now Northridge High School - Daniela has found support and encouragement.

    “The learning style they provide for us is great,” Daniela said. “I am a fast learner. I have always done well in District 6 and they have always provided what I need. I love it.”

    Being involved in activities and programs, from helping with special education classes to playing soccer to being active in the AVID Program, is also helping Daniela reach her goals.

    “I really love helping people and being a leader is something I would like to be considered,” Daniela said.

    Daniela knows she has been lifted up by a supportive family. She never forgets that she has many opportunities because of their commitment to each other and to their dreams. And that, she said, is all the motivation she needs to succeed.

    “My parents have always provided everything I need for my education,”  Daniela said. “They constantly check up on me to see how I am doing in classes. I know I have their support.”

    “Investing in the future says a lot about a community,” Otto said. Strong public schools help create a strong workforce, a thriving local economy and help build the kind of community where people want to live, work and raise their families. For Otto, supporting District 6 is a labor of love.

    “It’s deeper than that,” he said. “It’s a soul connection.”