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  • Workshop 03: Facility Standards
    Campus & Facility Implications

     Review the Campus Principles generated from Workshop Two
     Share and Integrate all information from past and parallel studies
     Customize a set of Campus & Facility Standards
     Begin to identify the gaps between what exists in the School and what is desired

    Information Forum

    In order to share the tremendous amount of work that’s been conducted either in the past or with parallel efforts, we recommend that the chairs of these various school planning initiatives present summaries/updates of their work as it will help inform the Master Campus Plan. Creation of Campus & Facility Standards and Initiation of Gap Analysis
    Campus & Facility Standards define the implications of the desired Campus & Facility Vision and Principles. The standards apply to all existing facilities on the campus, public space / landscapes, campus inputs/outputs, and to future construction projects. As the term “standard” implies, they are meant to establish guidance for value and quality for Weld 6’s campus & facilities. They are useful to promote consistency, value and quality across the campus as it is built or improved.

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