Poudre Learning Staff

Restoration Manager

Phone: 970-348-4506


Degrees and Certifications:

Larry Rogstad

Larry Rogstad, although with roots in two very different locales, Minnesota and down south in Oklahoma, since early youth Larry has been drawn to the outdoors, nature and most especially anywhere riparian. From his early years, Rogstad was drawn to noodlin under rocks in ponds and streams, looking at critters in aquatic habitat, fishing, and any opportunity to float a boat or canoe. Larry proudly became a bird nerd in 3rd grade, an obsession still fondly pursued! Enjoying hunting ducks in the marsh on fall migration, or working a trap line while growing up all fueled his curiosity and love for nature. By 4th grade Rogstad settled on his career choice, to become a game warden in the west. Larry is a proud alumnus of the University of Oklahoma, BOOMER SOONER!, where he focused studies on freshwater aquatic invertebrates, most especially riffle beetles (“water pennies”), living in eastern Oklahoma streams. After graduating, Larry and his wife Jan, moved to the Front Range of Colorado, where after working several outdoor jobs, Larry achieved his dream of working as a District Wildlife Manager, a game warden, for 23 years, and as an Area Wildlife Manager, a Supervisor, for 15 years for the State of Colorado Division of Wildlife, which he claims is among the best natural resource agencies in the world!  His first and only District in Greeley provided great learning lessons in biology, land management, people management and the importance and complexity of human emotions in natural resource management decision-making. Supervision in Weld, Larimer Boulder and Broomfield Counties provided learning in the importance that local politics have in approaching issues. Expecting to spend a couple of years in Greeley before moving on, the Rogstad family fell in love with Greeley, and Larry wound up a 38-year career in their adopted hometown. Back in his District days Larry Worked with many others to help the Poudre Learning Center dream find life. In retirement Larry is thrilled to be back at the PLC, still enthralled by the land, the prairie and most essentially helping protect and restore quality riparian habitat in a quickly changing world. 


You can contact Larry for any questions about PLC land restoration or to tap into his expertise.

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 970-348-4500


Degrees and Certifications:

Linda Sears

Linda Sears is a proud Colorado native who recently moved to Northern Colorado from Denver and is thoroughly enjoying new adventures every day. Linda has a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Colorado Denver with certification in Secondary Education. Her rich background includes corporate training, owning a childcare center, coordinating education programs for a world-wide veterinary association and being a children's librarian. She also started and ran a successful student senate program at a school for students with learning differences that earned her the Dave Saunders Never Forgotten Fund Teacher of the Year award in 2004. She has taught everything from preschool through high school. Whatever it looks like, education has always been at the heart of her career. Linda joins us at the PLC handling all things administrative from finance to rental agreements to teaching the occasional class. With her wife, Marina, and her toy poodle, Alexander Hamilton, there is something new to explore every day. 


You can reach Linda for general questions or rental opportunities at the PLC.

PLC Steward

Phone: 970-348-4503


Degrees and Certifications:

Jeremiah Sewald

Jeremiah Sewald, born and raised in Greeley, Colorado, is a true polymath with a passion for exploration and a creative flair. With a rich tapestry of experiences across diverse fields, he possesses the mindset of an artist and a keen eye for detail. Jeremiah's love for adventure and curiosity have led him on countless journeys, each one yielding a treasure trove of captivating stories. His pursuit of excellence is fueled by a deep-seated passion that infuses vitality into everything he undertakes. Jeremiah's contribution to the PLC's mission came during his tenure with the Weld County Flood Recovery Community Corps. At a pivotal moment, he played a vital role in preserving one of the PLC's cherished ancient cottonwood trees, which had been undercut by the 2013 flood. Today, Jeremiah manages and maintains all the facilities and grounds on the PLC property. He takes pride in making sure that everything runs smoothly. 


Please contact Jeremiah if you have facility or grounds questions.

Curriculum Specialist

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Degrees and Certifications:

Sami Wolniakowski

Sami Wolniakowski is originally from Wisconsin where she studied Elementary Education. While at college, she was assigned an internship at a local nature center and wildlife sanctuary, and this is where she found her passion for Environmental Education. After graduating from college, she did 5 years of seasonal work around the western states as an Aquatic Field Educator, Wildlife Biologist, Wildlife Guide, Field Instructor, and classroom teacher for AmeriCorps. In 2017, she began her Master’s in Environmental Education and Non-Profit Management. During her time in Graduate school, she was a 4/5th grade classroom teacher and administrator, Farm Educator and Board member of a local ranch, and Conference Coordinator for the Environmental Education Association of Oregon (EEAO). After Graduate School she was the Director of the Environmental Education program at the YMCA of the Rockies. She also teaches Ecology classes at the Front Range College, Arizona State University online. She has a deep commitment and passion for inquiry and placed based education, DEI in the outdoors, and connecting students to nature.  


Please contact Sami to discuss K - 12 programs at the Poudre Learning Center.

Program Specialist & Animal Keeper

Phone: 970-348-4502


Degrees and Certifications:

Ivonne Morales

Ivonne Morales, born and raised in Greeley, has developed a deep connection to nature stemming from her upbringing on a farm near the Cache la Poudre River and enriched by summers in Chihuahua, Mexico. Ivonne’s true aspiration lies in empowering young individuals to become confident, knowledgeable, and experienced. Her love for the environment and dedication to education drove her to pursue degrees in both Environmental Studies and Sociology at CU Boulder. She first got involved with the PLC as a student in high school through the Field Experiences and Caring for Our Watersheds programs. Ivonne started at the PLC as an intern in 2017 and now helps run the Well Watch and Caring for Our Watershed programs. She cares for the animal ambassadors and assists with other PLC learning expeditions. 


Please contact Ivonne to discuss Caring for Our Watersheds opportunities.

Field Experience Specialist

Phone: 970-348-4509


Degrees and Certifications:

Josiah Flores

Josiah Flores is a passionate educator dedicated to nurturing young minds. A Greeley native, he embarked on his educational journey after earning a psychology degree from the University of Northern Colorado. Josiah's background in psychology fueled his desire to foster curiosity and critical thinking, leading him to a fulfilling career in teaching.

With three years of experience as an educator in natural and physical sciences for District 6, Josiah has left a lasting impact on countless students. His commitment to education is underscored by his Colorado teaching certificate in secondary science and social studies, a testament to his pedagogical expertise and content knowledge.

Josiah's current role on the PLC team involves coordinating the Well Watch program and safeguarding our local groundwater environment. Furthermore, he actively tends to the welfare of our beloved animal ambassadors, merging his passion for science with a profound sense of responsibility for the natural world. Josiah Flores is a vital asset, combining experience and expertise to drive our organization's mission forward. 


Please contact Josiah to discuss Well Watch opportunities.