Poudre Learning Center Staff

  • Poudre Learning Center Staff

  • Executive Director

    Executive Director

    Ray Tschillard is the Executive Director of the Poudre Learning Center.  He has over 31 years of educational experience working with students of all age levels and has been active in developing and promoting science curriculum that focuses on inquiry based methods. Ray is passionate about the development of students through outdoor education.

    He completed his MA degree in Earth Science at the University of Northern Colorado and received a bachelor's degree in Earth Science from Simpson College.  He and his wife Debbie have two adult children and three grandchildren, Hayley, Owen and Scarlett.

    Please contact Ray with any questions regarding programming, sponsorships or other opportunities for engagement.



  • Caring For Our Watersheds

    Well Watch



    Ivonne Morales was born and raised in Greeley and graduated with degrees in Environmental Studies and Sociology from CU Boulder in 2017.  She first got involved with the PLC as a student in high school through the Field Experiences and Caring for Our Watersheds programs.  When Ivonne won 2nd place in the Caring for Our Watersheds contest she was inspired to go into local environmental work.  Ivonne started at the PLC as an intern in 2017 and now helps run the Well Watch and Caring for Our Watershed programs.  She also assists with secondary school field experiences.  Please contact Ivonne to discuss these program opportunities.



  • Project Manager

    Project Manager


    Susan Payne is the Project Manager for the PLC and is able to help you with all your Field Experience scheduling.  Susan and her husband, Rick, have three grown children and 6 beautiful grandchildren: Kieran, Rowan, Hazel, Asa, Violet and Archer.

    Susan has lived in Greeley since 1986 and enjoys helping the visitors and volunteers who come into the PLC.  Susan is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the many different learning experiences that are part of working here.  

    Please contact Susan with your questions about Field Experiences and other events.



  • Archery and Fishing

    Jerry Pelis


    Jerry Pellis is a 10-year volunteer at the Poudre Learning Center, whose primary focus includes the fishing and archery programs. He has played a significant role in the funding and development of these programs over the years. Given his background in wildlife biology plus 60+ years experience fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, and outdoor activities, he truly enjoys passing a few outdoor skills along to young people. The fishing excursions enjoyed at the PLC Learning Lake by school groups and others are always accompanied by a brief fish biology lecture. He enjoys taking the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP) into local schools to teach children archery skills in conjunction with the PE curriculum. He also takes on the occasional building projects at the PLC. Everyone appreciates the skills Jerry brings to the PLC!




    Garden Coordinator 

    Volunteer Extraordinaire 


    Paulette Weaver has been part of the Poudre Learning Center from the beginning. On any given day, you will see Paulette teaching a group of students, weeding and watering the garden, helping with future PLC plans, separating the recycling, preparing the worm bin and teaching staff about composting. Have a question? Ask Paulette!


  • Curriculum Coordinator

    Image result for amy nicholl, greeley co 

    Amy Nicholl is the Curriculum Coordinator at the PLC.  She taught elementary school for 34 years in Windsor and also at the University of Northern Colorado.  Amy has been involved in the Colorado science community for many years serving on state standards committees, providing workshops for teachers throughout the state, and served as president of CCIRA and the Colorado Association of Science Teachers.

    At the Poudre Learning Center, Amy gets to share her passion for outdoor education, science, and engineering as the InSTEM Curriculum Coordinator working with teachers all over Northern Colorado.  Helping teachers and students as they visit our special facility is another part of the joy Amy finds working at the PLC.



  • InSTEAM Outreach


    Ambrette Gilkey Ambrette Gilkey was born and raised in Greeley, where she attended the University Laboratory School K-12 and graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with her Visual Arts Degree. She returned to UNC to earn her teaching degree in Art and enjoys creating art, inspired by nature. Her first visit to the PLC was in 1996 with her high school class with Mr. Tschillard (now PLC Director) and since then, she has seen the PLC develop into the wonder that it is. Ambrette now works at the PLC with students during field experiences, summer camps and the monthly F.I.S.H. event. She loves creating and inspiring students as the InSTEAM Outreach Coordinator.  



  • PLC Steward


    Jeremiah Sewald manages and maintains all the facilities and grounds on the PLC property.  He takes pride in making sure that everything runs smoothly.  Please contact Jeremiah if you have facility or grounds questions.