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    Hannah Kiburz | Greeley Central Wildcat and Yale Bulldog

    Hannah Kiburz’s fifth-grade teacher told her she would one day be the president of the United States.

    A seed was planted, and that prediction stuck with her, even driving her to pursue an Ivy League education and a possible career in government or public service.

    Now a freshman at Yale University, Hannah is living the dream that started during her 12-years as a student in Greeley-Evans School District 6.

    “Since the fifth grade, I decided I wanted to go to a prestigious university, and so I decided to work toward that,” Hannah said. “Yale was one of those that was always close to my heart. I applied, and I was amazed when I got in. I went out there with my mom to New Haven, and I just felt so at home.”

    Hannah attended Chappelow K-8 Arts Magnet and Greeley Central High School, where she also completed the Arts Magnet Program and participated in dance. She is a high achiever, taking many Advanced Placement Courses and being named a National AP Scholar. Hannah also received the prestigious Boettcher Scholarship, as well as a Daniels Fund Scholarship.

    Throughout her years as a District 6 student, it was her teachers who pushed her and supported Hannah on her educational journey.

    “I have teachers who care about me and have always cared about my education and helping me pursue my dreams,” Hannah said. “It’s those personal relationships and those bonds that I built with my teachers that have really helped my education to flourish.”

    In addition to the academic success Hannah had in District 6, being involved in the arts helped her build confidence and provided an outlet for her creative side.

    “It’s been so helpful that I can go to my academic classes and have an outlet (through the Arts Magnet,” she said. “Art is such an important part of culture. It really tells the story of history throughout time.”

    Hannah said District 6 and her experiences as a student here prepared her well for her Ivy League education.

    “Something that is really great about Greeley Central High School and our district overall is the diversity,” Hannah said. “I have had a diverse experience in the Greeley community … that’s been a big part of preparing me for Yale.

    “I’m more comfortable now being able to go out into the world and say this is who I am and this is who I want to be.”