Access Control and Security

  • Badge System With the support of our community, District 6 has been given the opportunity to install many physical security enhancements District-wide. These enhancements include, but are not limited to, the addition of almost 800 cameras in our highs schools and middle schools and some major improvements and additions to our Electronic Access Control System which is in every one of our buildings. We are constantly testing new security devices and technologies striving for ways to increase the safety and security of our buildings. Some of our security additions are subtle and may go unnoticed by some while others are quite obvious (partly on purpose) while even other physical enhancements go unnoticed and hidden (mostly on purpose). These additions and improvements are one of many ways we are keeping our staff, students and visitors safe while on our Campus’.

    School District 6 is committed to having a safe, secure, and caring learning environment. Our comprehensive planning for safe schools includes a purposeful connection between physical safety and security and the psychological safety of students.

    Department of Safety and Security
    Identification badges are issued to District Staff and certain non-District Staff by the Access Control/Security Department. These badges help to identify Staff as having the authorization to be in District Facilities. These badges will also provide access into your site(s). These procedures outline the steps that will be followed prior to creating an ID badge to ensure the proper credentials are issued, to promote fiscal responsibility and to establish a sense of responsibility among staff.

    Responsibility of Badge Holder

    • Report loss of badge immediately to Office Manager, Principal, Supervisor or Access Control/Security Department
    • Under no circumstances shall anyone who is issued a key or badge be allowed to release or loan their key or badge to anyone for any reason
    • After Hours - It is the badge holders responsibility to ensure the building is locked and secure when leaving.
      Badge and/or keys remain the property of District 6 and shall be returned at end of Employment/Contract
    • DO NOT WRITE YOUR PIN ON YOUR BADGE. Should you lose your badge, if your PIN is on your badge you have not only lost the key but you have also told the person finding your badge where the key works.
    • DO NOT CARRY YOUR KEYS ON THE SAME LANYARD AS YOUR BADGE. This is especially true if you are a Master Key carrier. You not only gave them the key and the building, but you also gave them the key to the entire building.
    • Badges should be worn at all times while in a District Building.