Tips and Tricks (How To)

  • Badge How To How to Use Your Badge

    • Present your badge to the keypad centering on the number 5 key
    • Wait for beep and LED to flash red/green
    • Enter your PIN confirming you receive a beep for every entry
    • Enter the # key
    • Give the lock a brief second and then turn the handle to open door
    • Confirm door closes and locks behind you

    Tips and Tricks

    • Do not rest your hand on the handle while entering your code.
    • Do not move your badge fast in front of the keypad. There is a lot of information the keypad is gathering and it sometimes takes time to read the badge.
    • If the keypad does not seem to read your badge the first time, pull your badge away from the keypad  present it again.
    • You may hear the lock unlock but when you turn the handle it does not open the door. Without presenting your badge again, lift the handle to the horizontal position then turn the handle to open door.
    • After dark, pressing the Schlage button at the top of the keypad will light the buttons blue for better visibility.
    • Should your badge fail to allow you entry, please try another door before you report the badge or the lock as not working.
    • Should you believe your badge is not working, another method of testing is to present your badge to your building's time clock. It does not matter if you clock in or not, but the time clock will beep and confirm your badge is working properly.
    • Put your PIN in your phone or on a note on your cars sun visor.
    • The more you use your badge, the easier it is to remember your PIN.