• Hello, I am Lori Montgomery and this is my 17th year at Dos Rios as the Health Clerk. When a student is sick, hurt or needs medications, it is my job to make sure they are taken care of, even make sure they up to date on immunizations.  It has been a privilege to serve and assist the students here at Dos Rios with all non-health and health concerns. I work under my nurse, Elizabeth Eberhard, RN and we have a great time-serving our students. I was born on the East Coast in Massachusetts, and lived there until the age of seven. Then we moved to the West Coast in California, where I was raised mostly. I got married in 1990 and, still with the love of my life, we have 3 children (all adults now), then moved to Greeley, Colorado in 2000. With me being a parent, I can understand more of what parents need for their children. My favorite things to do on my days off are to do some gardening, ride my bicycle, shop and relax at home. I also really enjoy traveling and exploring the world. I really find it relaxing listening to classical music and I love the 80's music. 

    If you have any questions regarding your student, please feel free to contact me at:


    Lori Montgomery