Power Students of the Month

     Johana E


    “Johana shows respect by coming to class on time and prepared. By prepared, I don’t just mean that she has read the required literature, but that she has actually thought about the literature. She really wants to learn. She always come to my office for help when she needs it, and she participates fully in all of our conversations. This dedication can be seen in the quality of work that she turns in: thoughtful, deep, and well-articulated. Furthermore, she is kind to others and is always willing to help her classmates."(Karen McCurley-Hardesty, English Instructor)

    What achievements or moments have you been proud of yourself for since coming to ECA?
    “I've been really proud of keeping my grades up, especially in Interpersonal Communication, which is my favorite class."
    Future education / personal goals:
    “I want to get a degree in psychology and then possibly become a social worker or something where I work with kids."
     Adison L


    “Adison Linder is an excellent representation of EFFORT and it’s about time we honor this amazing person! She puts exceptional effort into everything she does! Her Reading Responses for class always use evidence from the text and go into a great deal of detailed explanation, replete with accurate high-level inferences. Whenever she’s acting or singing in Performing Arts Club, she is always giving full effort, stretching the boundaries of her talent. As a member of ECA’s Student Council, Mrs. Rupple can always depend on Adison to give full effort toward anything she’s asked to do. She swims competitively on a local team, reads voraciously, composes insightful papers on time for all of her classes, and successfully grasps college algebra and college trigonometry. In fact, in several of her classes she has acquired OVER 100%. According to Professor Howell, every single essay response Adison writes on an exam for American Government could be used as a model for how to answer the prompt. Granted, Miss Linder is highly intelligent, but it seems as though she actually fulfills her full potential as a human being every day all because of her HARD WORK and EFFORT!
    On a lighter note, on Meme Day for Spirit Week, Artist Adison created a huge Shakespeare hilarity on a white tee-shirt with black marker; she drew the Bard’s face by hand and wrote the expression “Cometh at me, brethren!” in Old English font. (She does have a wicked sense of humor even though she doesn’t talk much.) Adison puts full effort into LIFE! Needless to say, she is a huge asset to ECA and we are grateful to have her at our school!” (Tiffany Kredo, English Instructor)

    Activities / hobbies / interests:
    • Student Council
    • Yearbook
    • Art Club
    • Performing Arts Club
    • Key Club
    • Creative Writing Club
    What achievements or moments have you been proud of yourself for since coming to ECA?
    “I've been really proud of keeping above a 4.0 while taking college courses."
    Future education / personal goals:
    “I want to ultimately get a Master's degree in biology or chemistry and go into forensic science."
     Destiny F MARCH (WORK): Destiny FAY
    “Destiny constantly displays a strong work ethic. She’s involved in multiple clubs, studies hard for her classes, and writes creative fiction in her free time. She consistently shows up to club meetings and assists in completing club tasks. In class, she strives to improve her writing by seeking feedback from others, and she utilizes that feedback in her revisions. Outside of school she creates authentic and visceral prose and poetry that provides a unique perspective on life, school, and family. Destiny is a student who pushes herself in all aspects of her life, and her work ethic is an exceptional model for ECA students.
    Destiny is currently writing a short story, titled “The Big C.” A version of this short story will appear in the upcoming Literary Magazine. Destiny, though, is not finished writing the story. She has aspirations to turn this story into a longer work. She’s shared the story with many ECA professors to get their opinion on her writing, and to simply spread the joy of writing creatively. I’m thoroughly impressed with her ability to manage time for her studies and still reserve time to work on the craft of creative writing. It’s inspiring to see students, like Destiny, use their free time to express themselves through creative outlets.” (Greg Mulder, English Instructor)

    Activities / hobbies / interests:

    Lit Magazine Club
    Reading Club

    What achievements or moments have you been proud of yourself for since coming to ECA?
    “I've been really proud of getting my short story nominated for an AIMS Review."
    Future education / personal goals:
    “I want to be an animal assistant therapy trainer and have ten dogs."

    “Dori consistently displays ownership of her learning. In class, she is on task and focused. She ensures that all assignments are completed on time and with accuracy.
    This school year has been challenging for Dori. She’s experienced some personal health issues, but has not let it interfere with being successful in all of her classes. During her extended absence, she was very conscientious about learning missed material on her own or via email with her teachers. Once she returned from her absence, she was quick to follow-up with all of her make-up work. Dori has never made excuses for the learning she missed. Dori understands the value of the educational opportunity that ECA offers and takes ownership of her learning to achieve the goal of a diploma and AA Degree.” (Jodee Rupple, Mathematics Instructor)

    Activities / hobbies / interests:

    Key Club
    Volleyball at Frontier

    What achievements or moments have you been proud of yourself for since coming to ECA?
    “I’ve been really proud of keeping my grades high."
    Future education / personal goals:
    “I want to become a physical therapist and graduate with honors at ECA."

    "Ranzel is a student who embodies ECA pride. He has a positive attitude, is a leader, and has great consideration for his fellow peers. He goes out of his way to make other students feel connected. He is highly involved in school activities, such as National Honor Society, Dungeons and Dragons, and Gaming Club. Beyond his regular club commitments, there have been countless times where Ranzel has stepped up to represent our school, whether in a formal tour guide role or during impromptu conversations with future ECA families. His ability to take on a professional role when placed in these circumstances is a testament to his growth as a student. Ranzel is a student who I am proud to say will be an ECA graduate in May, as I know that he will represent our school well with his future endeavors." (Karen Pullen, Science Instructor)

    Activities / hobbies / interests:
    Gaming Club
    What achievements or moments have you been proud of yourself for since coming to ECA?
    “I’ve been proud of staying on track to graduate and working hard as Professor Howell's TA."
    Future education / personal goals:
    “I'm thinking about becoming a dentist - I've already got accept to UNC - but I'm also thinking about becoming a teacher because my teachers here have made a big impact in my life."