Student Teachers

  • Student Teaching Information

    Thank you for starting your teaching career with us at District 6!!


    Application Process

    STEP 1: Submit student teaching application to the college or university (follow the college/univeristy process).

    STEP 2: The College or University will submit a request with required documentation to Amy Honstein in the Human Resources Department. 

    A complete application includes:

    • Student teaching application from your college or university (if applicable)
    • Resume
    • Transcripts (unofficial copies accepted)

    (All documents should be emailed to be considered.)


    STEP 3: Human Resources then attempts to make the requested placement(s).

    STEP 4: The Principal, and potential cooperating teacher, may call and request an interview or more information from the student teacher prior to accepting placement.

    STEP 5: Human Resources will contact the college or university to notify whether the student teacher placement has been made.

    STEP 6: Once the student teacher has been placed, they will need to apply online to the District Certified Substitute (Guest Teacher) posting.  And apply for a 1 year, of 3 year, substitute authorization through the Colorado Department of Education.

    STEP 7: Start of student teaching experience.