School Gardens

  • School gardens provide a unique, hands-on learning environment for students, teachers and community members. They are places where students learn core standards through experiential hands-on learning. A school garden is a great resource for nutrition, science, math, social studies, art lessons, and much more. It not only serves as an educational tool, but also breeds social team-building skills and gives students a sense of ownership and empowerment.


    Nutrition Services wants to encourage and support all school and community garden projects. As the number of school gardens continues to grow, we want to standardize the process so developing, implementing and harvesting school gardens is easy for everyone involved. If you are interested in starting a school garden, we have developed a standardized application process that allows you to quickly approve your site with the Facilities Department and have access to resources that can help establish and sustain your garden.

Tools and resources

Starting your school garden

Maintaining your school garden

Funding your school garden

Garden resiliency

Sustaining your school garden

Garden to Cafeteria program

  • The Garden to Cafeteria (GTC) program is a unique opportunity for Weld County School District 6 students to grow fresh fruits and vegetables in their school gardens to supplement meals served in the cafeteria.  The cafeteria will purchase this produce from the gardens, bringing funding to the garden, and creating a sense of ownership among students, who will see their hand-grown produce nourishing their peers.


    GTC application and protocol packet - 


    Food safety checklist -  


    Record sheet - 


    Equipment rental agreement - 

Additional resources

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