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    We are enrolled in the Scripps National Spelling Bee! Scholars took the 25 word spelling test in January, and the following top spellers are invited to participate in the Ninth Annual Centennial Spelling Bee, to be held February 16th, from 12:30-2:30 in our gym.
    Student Grade Level Teacher
    Trenton T 5 Piergentili
    Emraan M 5 Piergentili
    Kristen E 5 Thompson
    Gabby L 5 Fahlstrom
    Angel G 5 Thompson
    Khadro H 5 Fahlstrom
    April G 5 Thompson
    Eric G 5 Thompson
    Angel M 5 Fahlstrom
    Alex M 5 Fahlstrom
    David R 5 Piergentili
    Eddie S 5 Piergentili
    José M 5 Piergentili
    Valerie H 5 Thompson
    Faith L 5 Piergentili
    Zaidien R 5 Piergentili
    Cale Y 5 Thompson
    Zori F 5 Piergentili
    Khalid H 4 Gisness
    Suheily G 4 Neuwirth
    Per S 4 Graff
    Ian L 4 Neuwirth
    Kelly A 4 Neuwirth
    Ethan L 4 Neuwirth
    Jaymarie S 4 Neuwirth
    Dylan C 4 Gisness
    Camila R 4 Graff
    Thu M 4 Graff
    Jacinto R 4 Gisness
    Shafiya A 4 Gisness
    Eli R 4 Gisness
    Marianna F 3 Bean
    Henry J 3 Bean
    Per S 4 Graff
    Abdifatah A 3 Bean
    Danitza R 3 Wagner
    Romeo R 3 Meza
    Aaron P 3 Wagner
    Valeria C 3 Bean
    Nithzia M 3 Bean
    Armani C 3 Meza
    Cristian D 3 Meza
    Kimberly G 3 Bean
    Bella M 3 Bean
    Lino T 3 Bean
    Ixzayana H 3 Meza
    Kimberly Ma 3 Meza
    Danny G 3 Meza
    David B 2 Harris
    Daniel B 2 Harris
    Mibsam Z 2 Silhasek
    Lilly A 2 Silhasek
    Rhys H 2 Westberg
    Jackson M 2 Harris
    Kenay F 2 Harris
    And the top spellers from Centennial's Spelling Bee will be invited to compete against Heiman Elementary School in our Regional Spelling Bee!
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    You might want to watch the movie Akeelah and the Bee (Rated PG) to help get inspired. Here is a preview...
    Another great spelling movie is the documentary, Spellbound. Click here for a clip.


    Most of the work for the bee will need to be done by students on their own time. There are suggested lists for studying. I would suggest studying the Level 1 and 2 lists and move up to level 3 from there. These lists don't include all of the possible words, but they are a good start for studying.


    Spelling Bee Practice lists available below:
    spelling bee


    The above lists are combined lists.  Individual Grade Level Practice Lists are available in the library. All students will want to learn as many of these words as possible before the written test in January.

    Your 3rd-5th grade child will take the written test and the vocabulary test at school sometime in January.

    I will sort them out and invite the top 25-30 to the oral bee after school in February (parents/families invited).  The winner of our Centennial Spelling Bee will have the opportunity to go to the Colorado state bee in Denver!

    Check out this website to help you practice for the spelling test and bee. It has audio links to listen to the pronunciation of the word, and includes language of origin, definitions, and more! Click Here to test your spelling skill!


    Or, try The Spelling Bee site, which has audio support and context for spelling words. On this site, kids need to type in the words that they hear spoken in the story that is provided.

    spelling bee