Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Betancourt


I am Ms. Betancourt and I am very excited to start my third teaching year here at Meeker Elementary! I am a first  generation student who graduated in December of 2019 with a degree in Music Education. Even though my emphasis was in instrumental music I realized that teaching elementary general music was my calling. 

I have played the saxophone for 14 years and it was my major instrument in college. I am bilingual speaking English and Spanish and would love to take American Sign Language one day. I have been to Europe for The Colorado Ambassadors of Music Program which was a great experience for me since I got to see 7 different countries and was able to share my musical talents for them. I am an honor thespian being in many performances in high school and choral directed the musical The Little Mermaid with a high school program from Greeley. Theater is very special to me and I hope that I get to share that with the students. Before I got hired as a teacher I worked at many places, and one of them was at a senior care where I was able to perform my senior recital there and start a summer choir program for the residents. I have always enjoyed sharing music with others and hope to keep doing that for many years. 

I believe there are many skills that are necessary to be an outstanding teacher. Some of the qualities that are important are leadership, classroom management, and be able to accommodate the academic, emotional, and social needs of the students. By using classroom management I can provide a classroom that is resourceful, productive and safe for my students. The students should feel like they are part of the lesson and I should keep them engaged with well timed lesson plans to keep their interest. An outstanding teacher is a good leader and a good listener. Students seek the guidance of the teachers which is why I will present leadership skills and help students be successful in working together. To be outstanding is to be a role model to students in the school and outside the school and be able to influence them in the school and within the community.


I hope to have a great rest of the year with your child and I am very excited to share music with them! If you have any questions regarding choir, theatre club or the music class my email is