List of Waivers Received by the School District

  • Commencing July 1, 2017, each school district and each charter school must post a list of the waivers of state statute that it has received and, for each nonautomatic waiver, the plan for meeting the intent of the statute. The department of education, the state charter school institute, and a statewide association of charter schools must create a standardized description of each of the statutes for which the state board of education grants an automatic waiver and the rationale for granting the automatic waiver. Starting July 1, 2018, each charter school must post the description and rationale for each of the automatic waivers it is invoking.

    Greeley-Evans School District 6 Waivers

    • No waivers from state statute


    This page only refers to district (non-charter) waivers. Charter schools do have waivers from state statute which can be found on the individual charter school financial transparency sites.