Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • The District 6 Employee Assistance Program provides you and your household members with the resources to assist in dealing with personal or workplace concerns. These services are professional and confidential. 

    To Access Services, call: 866-831-2181

    Online Resources:


    Live Well Solutions Logo LiveWell's EAP is a "per incident" model. For example, an employee may utilize three sessions related to a problem - such as adjusting to a divorce. Later in the same year, they may reach out again for another problem, such as the death of a friend. These two problems are defined as separate incidents, so the employee is eligible for three more sessions for the second incident in the same year. There is no required time frame that must pass between the incidents. 


    When someone calls in for a generalized "I'm anxious" and has three sessions, then calls in saying "I'm feeling stressed", those could be considered the same incident if no specific underlying problem is identified (I'm anxious because I'm having financial difficulties and later I'm feeling stressed because of an incident in my workplace). Many issues employees call in for can be resolved in 1-3 EAP visits. But if an employee is having continuing anxiety or depression, a long-term solution may be needed and LiveWell's goal is to help that employee transition to their medical plan for ongoing treatment. 


    Learn more about EAP services in English and Spanish