Centennial's 41 best spellers compete in our 6th Annual Spelling Bee!

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    What an amazing Bee!

    Forty-one of Centennial's top spellers bravely competed in a stressful situation, and gave it their best effort. The bee went SIXTEEN, yep, SIXTEEN rounds! The most ever!

    Here are the results- Our younger students (even our second grader) held their own even though the 5th graders were in the top four spots at the end.


    1st Place: Tracker Fettes (center) - 5th grade

    2nd Place: Natalia Lopez (left) - 5th grade

    3rd Place: Pray Reh (right) - 5th grade

    4th Place: Reyli Fuentes (not pictured)- 5th grade

    Please congratulate every student who participated for their courageousness and effort, and for being wonderful role models. And take a look at some photos of our spelling masters below!