• During this time of Remote Learning, parent/caregiver involvement will be necessary. That being said, you are not expected to be your student’s teacher. Help your child where you can, and give teachers, your child, and yourself patience and goodwill through this period.

    Each individual child will learn differently. Some students will easily absorb remote learning, and others will experience challenges. Your home is your new classroom. Try to project a classroom-like atmosphere so students can participate as if they are in a classroom.

    1. Create a dedicated workspace - gather and organize all materials ahead of time. Think about what you might need to learn (paper, pencil, crayons, etc). Put everything together in one area so when it’s time for remote learning, you can focus on the task at hand. 
    2. Establish a daily schedule - decide (and write out) your daily schedule. In addition to scheduling remote learning time out on your calendar, consider scheduling time for art time, music time, and exercise. Don’t forget to schedule breaks and free time!
    3. Utilize a Chromebook or computer - be sure that your device is charged and you have tried logging in ahead of time to help provide a smoother experience during scheduled times.
    4. Provide support and patience - this is a unique time in the field of education, and students, staff, and teachers are being expected to complete school in a new way. Please support your student and their learning needs to the best of your ability.

    Have fun - eventually things will go back to normal. Until then, try to enjoy this time as much as possible. Learning can happen in several different ways. Consider the idea of following a cooking recipe from scratch. This skill combines literacy, science, math, and life skills. Go outside (with safe social distancing), exercise, participate in crafts, sing together, talk to your children about how they are feeling, encourage journaling, read books for fun, as these are all important aspects of education and emotional well being.