Please go to my calendar to see the times we have available to chat. Click on the time you would like to chat. It will ask for your first and last name. Please use your school email address. Once you confirm you are not a robot and confirm booking. I will receive an email. From there, I will send you a zoom link to your school email. Please give Ms. Fisher a half hour notice of your booking to give her time to create the zoom meeting. 


    If you are a loving adult and need to chat about your student, please e-mail me at jfisher8@greeleyschools.org or call me at (970) 348-3420. Even when we are remote, I will receive a voicemail. I will call you back as soon as I can. Please pick up if someone is calling from a blocked/private number. It is probably is me. 


    I look forward to chatting with you soon! :) 

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