• Meeker Field Day - May 8th

    ****Field Day Must Go On****

     Meeker is participating in National Field Day on May 8th! You can complete all field day stations at home using items from your house. Use the links below to prepare for and participate in the big day!

     Email Mrs. Cook for questions: vcook@greeleyschools.org. Take pictures and share with your teacher or Mrs. Cook!



    Most equipment can be found around the house. If you do not have it, simply skip the the event. Students will not be penalized in any way for skipping events due to equipment. 

    Field Day Equipment List



    The links below will lead you to directions for each event. You are welcome to practice your events before May 8!

    Field Day Events 1: Paper Plane Cornhole, Wind Bowling, Sock-er Skee-Ball, Towel Flip Challenge, Milk Jug Relay 

    Field Day Events 2: Bowl Ball, Water Bottle Trap, Penguin Race, Climb the Ladder, If the Shoe Fits

    Field Day Events 3:Backboard Bank It, Coin Flip 400 Meter Dash, Fan-a-War, Fast Folder, Flip Your Lid

    Field Day Events 4: Spoon Relay, Clothes Relay



    Watch live demonstrations below of every field day event!

    Field Day Video Demonstrations



      Use the score card to keep track of your participation. Complete at least four events on your score card and receive a National Field Day Certificate of Completion. If you complete four or more events be sure to email your score card to Mrs. Cook!

    Score Card (English)

    Score Card (Spanish)