Historic Brick Wall Announcements



    The 2020-2021 school year was our 20th year in our renovated Castle! The Class of 2000 spent their senior year at the "new" high school, Northridge, before it was officially called Northridge. For one year, Northridge was the home of Greeley Central.


    In the fall of 2000, the remodel and addition to Greeley Central was complete and our students returned to the prestigious home of the Castle. This year was the first year freshmen returned to the high schools in Greeley since the mid-1900's.


    So as we began the fall of 2020, we embarked on a continued adventure of school traditions, school pride, and 20 years of .... continuing the LEGACY!


    When the remodel of the Castle was completed, an historic brick wall was incorporated into our courtyard area. This brick wall has room for 1000+ bricks that can be purchased to memorialize students, staff, former alumni who may have passed away, or even entire classes! Take a peak at some of the photos below in the brick wall photo gallery to check it out.


    Get your brick now and let's show our Pride, Class, and Dignity!


    Click this link for the order form (to mail in a check).


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Last Modified on December 14, 2023