COVID-19 Vaccine

  • On Friday, January 29, Gov. Jared Polis announced that PK-12 school employees would be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine beginning February 8. District 6 is working with local health providers including Banner Health, UC Health, Sunrise Community Health and the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment to provide vaccines to employees. Information on how to register for these vaccines will be sent directly to employees email. Please check your email daily.

Vaccine FAQ

  • Is there a charge to receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

    No, there is no charge from the health care providers for this vaccine.


    I do not get my health care from UCHealth. Can I still sign up with that provider for a vaccine?

    Yes. It doesn’t matter what provider gives you the vaccine. You do not have to be a patient in that system to be vaccinated.


    Do I have to use UCHealth as my healthcare provider if I sign up for a vaccine through that provider?

    Absolutely not. Healthcare providers throughout the state are banding together to distribute the vaccine. You don’t have to be a member of a healthcare system to get a vaccine through that system.


    What if I am having problems signing in with the UCHealth portal? 

    Please call 1-855-395-9031 for assistance with UCHealth portal.


    If I don’t have insurance through District 6, do I still qualify to get a vaccine through the school district?

    Yes. These vaccines are for all PK-12 school district employees. For Banner Health vaccines, you may be asked to present insurance information.


    Do I have to also schedule my second dose of the vaccine?

    The second dose of the vaccine will be scheduled at the same time you schedule the first. It is important that you look at your schedule and make sure you are available for both doses. Healthcare providers are telling us that escheduling second dose vaccines is very difficult.


    If I have had COVID-19, do I have to wait to get my vaccine?

    If you are not infectious or actively sick with COVID-19, you can receive the vaccination. If you have had a high-risk exposure to COVID-19 and you are in quarantine, you cannot receive the vaccine. If you already have a vaccine scheduled, you will need to reschedule.


    If I have already gotten my first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, should I sign up with UCHealth or Banner Health for my second dose?

    No. You should get the second dose of vaccine from the provider who gave you the first. You should get an appointment for the second dose at the same time you get an appointment for the first dose.


    Will I have to take sick leave to get my vaccine?

    Please work with your supervisor to arrange coverage if you are only able to schedule your appointment during your work day. Vaccine appointments are taking between 20-30 minutes on average. If you need to be gone for longer, it could be that you will need to take sick leave for your appointment. 


    How long will my vaccine appointment take?

    To get the vaccine from the time you arrive until you are vaccinated is under 5 minutes. Then you will be sent to a waiting area for 15 minutes in the unlikely case you have a reaction. The total time for the appointment is estimated to be about 20 minutes.


    What identification do I need to bring to my vaccine appointment?

    You will need to bring a picture identification, like a driver’s license or state identification. You should also bring your District 6 badge to this appointment.


    What if I don’t sign up when I am contacted to set up my appointment?

    First, we highly encourage employees to take the first invitation for a vaccine you receive. If you do not sign up within 48 hours of receiving an appointment email from a provider, your name will be put back in the queue and you will again be notified when you can schedule an appointment.


    Will there be vaccine time slots outside the school day?

    Yes, the healthcare providers are trying to provide early morning, evening and weekend hours for vaccines. You will be given the choice of several times and locations for your vaccine.


    How many educators will be vaccinated each week?

    We have no idea, and unfortunately, neither do our healthcare providers. Right now, providers do not know how many vaccines they are going to receive during any given week. They are distributing the vaccines as quickly as they receive them. 


  • 1B: Coloradans age 70+, moderate-risk health care workers, first responders, frontline essential workers, and continuity of state government

  • 1A: Highest-risk health care workers and individuals

  • 2: Higher-risk individuals and other essential workers

  • 3: The general public

Vaccine Phase Timeline

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