IB Requirements
  • As part of the IB curriculumn, Arts are an integral element of the curriculum.  In their 9th and 10th grade years, students in all classes part of MYP (Middle Years Program) learn foundational skills, create, perform, investigate, and explore a global perspective of the arts.  Students of any and all levels can join MYP classes!


    For Juniors and Seniors in the IB Program, students choose a "6th Subject" in the arts.  At this level, students research, create, perform, present, and explore areas of interest within each discipline.  There are numberous opportunites for students to earn CAS hours required for DP students in the Arts. Students who are not full IB students also have the opportunity to earn an DP Certificate in each of these arts classes. At Greeley West, we offer:

    DP Art

    DP Dance

    DP Film

    DP Music

    DP Theatre

    Click on each of the 6th subjects for more information regarding classes, events, and resources. For more information about joining the IB Program, contact the IB Coordinator, Marie Beach.