Advance Manufacturing

  • Are you interested in using innovative technologies to create existing products and the creation of new products? The advanced manufacturing pathway focuses on preparing students for careers in processing materials into intermediate or final products. 

  • Career Pathway Options:


    Post-Secondary Occupations:

    • Assemblers, Machine Operators, Tester, Sorter, Product Inspector - $25,000 - Associate
    • Precision Layout Workers, Pattern and Mold Makers- $55,000 - Associate
    • Calibration Technicians, Electro-mechanical Technicians, Inspectors, Mechanical Engineers - $90,000 - Bachelor
    • Production Managers, Industrial Engineers, Plant Manager, Quality Management Consultant, Risk Manager - $90,000 Bachelor
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  • ELT 1206 - Fundamentals of DC/AC

    CIS 1018 - Intro to PC Applications 

    ELT 2367 - Introduction to Robotics 

    ELT 2368 - Robotic Technologies 

    ENY 1000 - Intro to Energy Technologies 

    Earn an AAS in Industrial Technology from Aims for FREE through the PTECH program