Open Records Request

  • As a public school district, District 6 records shall be matters of public information, subject to restrictions as set by federal law or regulation, the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) or related state statutes, or by pertinent court rulings. 


    Before submitting a request, please consider the following:

    • Student Records:  

      Parents/legal guardians or eligible students may request educational records. To obtain student records, please visit the records and transcripts page.
    • Personnel Records:  

      CORA prohibits public school districts from releasing parts of employee personnel files including, but not limited to: home address, telephone numbers, financial information, certain employee evaluation reports, letters of reference, and other information maintained because of the employer-employee relationship. 

    • Financial Records:  

      If you are looking for financial records, it may be contained on our district's Financial Transparency webpage.  Please consider searching these pages prior to submitting your request.
    • District and Board Policies:

      If you are looking for policies, please consider searching the Policy Manual.
    • Inspection Records:

      If the requester wishes to inspect the records responsive to the request in advance of receiving copies, such inspection shall be by appointment only during normal business hours.  A district representative will supervise the requester during the inspection period.



    Depending on the size of the request or the types of records requested, the district may include an estimate of the costs associated with responding to a request for records in its initial response to the requester, unless the requested records are not subject to disclosure.  The estimate shall include the costs associated with responding to the request in accordance with CORA.  We will advance payment of costs. 


    The fee for copying public records will be $.25 per page. No transmission fee will be charged for transmission via electronic mail. If the district in response to a specific request manipulates data to generate a record in a form not used by the district, it may charge a reasonable fee not to exceed the actual cost of manipulating the data and generating the record. Fulfilling such a request will be at the option of the district. If a requested record is a result of computer output other than word processing, the fee for a copy will be based on recovery of the actual costs of providing the electronic service and product together with a reasonable portion of the costs asso­ciated with building and maintaining the information system. This fee may be reduced or waived by the superintendent or designee if the electronic ser­vice or product is used for a public purpose. If another facility is necessary, the costs of providing them shall be paid by the person requesting the copy. The custodian may establish a reasonable schedule of times for making a copy and may charge the same fee for services rendered in supervising the copy as the custodian may charge for furnishing a copy.


    Additionally, in responding to a request for the district's public records, the district may charge a fee for staff time spent in excess of one hour for the following: researching and retrieving the requested records; conducting searches for requested records; reviewing records to determine whether they are responsive to the request; and identifying and separating those records that are not public and/or are privileged or confidential. Such fee shall be $33.58 per hour, which may be increased from time to time as permitted by applicable state law. The district may also charge other reasonable fees in responding to a request for the district’s public records, in accordance with the accompanying regulation.


    When researching, retrieving, reviewing or producing records takes longer than one hour, a fee of $30.00 per hour will be charged for all staff time after the first hour.  This fee will also apply to services rendered by district staff in supervising the copying, printing out, or photographing of the requested documents.


    If the actual cost incurred by the district are less than those collected, the district shall provide a refund to the requester.  Upon receipt of payment, unless extenuating circumstances exist, the records will be transmitted in a reasonable amount of time.  Ordinarily, this delivery window is three business days.  


    To Make a records request, per the Colorado Open Records law, please complete the CORA Request Form

    Should you not be able to submit an online request, you may send a written request via U.S. Mail to:

    Greeley-Evans School District 6

    Legal Department

    1025 9th Avenue

    Greeley, CO 80631

    For written requests, view the CORA Request Form to determined the required information. 



    • The normal time for production shall be three working days, beginning on the first business day after the request is received.
    • Such period may be extended upon determination by the custodian that extenuating circumstances exist; such period of extension shall not normal exceed seven working days.  The requester shall be notified of the extension within the three-day period.
    • Time periods for items received on a weekend, outside of regular business hours or holidays will be calculated without including the date on which the custodian receives the request.
    • If a fee is required, the custodian will provide a cost estimate to the person making the request.



    Board Policy KDB (Public’s Right to Know/Freedom of Information)

    Board Policy KDB-R (Public’s Right to Know/Freedom of Information

    Board Policy KD (Public Information and Communications)

    Board Policy GBJ (Personnel Records and Files)