The purpose of the Students In Transition Program is to ensure that all children and youth have equal access to the same free and appropriate public education, including preschool education. The Every Student Succeeds Act protects the educational rights of all Children and Youth.

  • Propósito de los Estudiantes En Transición

    El propósito de los Estudiantes En Transición es para asegurar que todos los niños y jóvenes tengan el mismo acceso a la educación pública gratuita y apropiada, incluyendo la educación preescolar igual personas sin hogar como personas con hogar, los estudiantes que no están en foster care, y otros casos similares. La ley de "Every Student Succeeds Act" ('cada estudiante merece éxito') protege los derechos de estudio para los niños y jóvenes fuera del hogar.


    • Available Services Can Include: 

      • Free breakfasts and lunches at school
      • School supplies, backpacks, school uniforms, and if eligible, transportation to school
      • Obtaining documents from previous schools
      • Information and referrals to community resources
      • Food Pack Program
      • Mentor, tutoring and advisement

      Every Student Succeeds Act Provisions

      Each transitional child and youth must have access to a free and appropriate public education. 

      Comparable Services

      Transitional children must be given services comparable to those offered to other students in the school. They must be allowed to participate in school meal programs, before and after school programs, transportation, and educational opportunities. 

      State and Local Policies Should Not Keep Foster and Kinship Children from Attending School

      Transitional children and youth should not be kept out of school or experience enrollment delays due to transportation problems, transfer of records, residency requirements, immunization or guardianship issues. 

      Transitional Children Must Not Be Segregated

      Students in out-of-home placements must not be separated from the main-stream school environment merely because of open case status. 


    • District 6 and the Weld Food Bank have partnered to provide the Food Pack Program.

      This program provides nutritionally balanced packs for food for students to take home over the weekend for added nutritional support through the weekend. 

  • Administration Building
  • Family Center
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  •        Best Interest Determinations (BIDs)    

    • Enrollment should occur after the BID meeting called by the county in custody. 
    • Schools cannot call BID meetings, only counties. 
    • The BID meeting makes schools aware that foster students will be enrolling. 
    • If you need a BID meeting to enroll your student, please contact your student’s caseworker as soon as possible, as well as the District 6 foster liaison.