Do you want to shape the future? Become a D6 Educator!

  • Are you a high school student? Check out the TREP program which allows you to begin taking college courses while you're still in high school, and continue on a teaching career pathway for two years after 12th grade, tuition-free! Not only can this program save you tons of money, but you'll be able to get your teaching license and a bachelor's degree (oftentimes without spending an entire four years in college).

What is the TREP Program?

  • The Teacher Recruitment Education and Preparation program was created by SB 21-185. TREP allows qualified  students in a teaching career pathway to concurrently enroll in postsecondary courses for up to  

    two years after the 12th-grade year. Its objectives are: 

    ▪ To increase the number of students who enter the teaching profession. 

    ▪ To increase the percentage of students who participate in postsecondary education preparation  programs, especially among low-income and traditionally underserved populations. 

    ▪ To create a more diverse teacher workforce to reflect the ethnic diversity of the state. 

    ▪ To decrease the amount of time required for a student to complete a postsecondary educator  preparation degree or certificate. 

    ▪ To increase the opportunities to participate in the teaching career pathway.

At which institutions can candidates take pathway courses?

  • This pathway lends itself to matriculation through the Colorado Community College System. Course offerings  vary at each CCCS school, but efforts are underway to ensure that all students who want to pursue this  educator pathway have equitable access to courses no matter where they are in the state. A student can take  pathway courses at a four-year institution with an approved educator preparation program, however,  according to the Concurrent Enrollment Act, the courses would need to be offered at the community college  tuition rate. They would also need to be the equivalent of the CCCS course(s) in the pathway. It is up to a  particular institution to decide based on its policies and course offerings.

Courses you will take

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TREP Application

When do students begin taking their coursework?

  • Generally, students enrolling in TREP are nominated by their district, then take the slate of courses in a 5th and  6th year of high school. Students would need to complete at least one of the courses in the pathway during  their 12th grade year to be eligible for the program. Please note that students could take concurrent  enrollment courses starting as early as ninth grade and could complete the pathway prior to the 5th or 6th years,  ultimately shortening their overall program.