Arguments FOR

    • Not a tax increase; maintains current 10 mills of property tax
    • Funding will allow continued development of career pathways for students
    • In a highly competitive employment market, District 6 must be able to maintain wages to hire qualified staff and maintain class sizes
    • Upgrades to school security are constantly needed
    • Technology and textbooks need regular updates
    • Tax will sunset in 10 years
    • District 6 has been an excellent steward of the taxes it has already collected, and used the money as it said it would

Arguments AGAINST

    • This measure is a tax on commercial and residential property, both of which have seen significant increases in value in recent years
    • K-12 education is getting more funding from state and federal government and doesn't need this tax
    • District 6 should cut its budget rather than collect this tax
    • Property owners will have to pay this tax an additional 10 years
    • It is the responsibility of the state to fund public education, not the responsibility of local property owners