Building & Facility Use

  • Community use of district buildings is coordinated through the Facilities and Planning Department. All applications for building or site use must be submitted through the Facilities Office.

    If you would like to use a District 6 building, please contact Julie Lewis by calling 348-6405.

Guidelines for Requesting a Waiver or Reduction in Building Use Fees

  • If you want to be considered for a reduction or waiver of building use fees, please submit a letter of request addressing all the issues listed below. The Facilities Office will notify you once a decision has been made regarding your request. 


    1. Address the letter to Mr. Kent Henson, Assistant Superintendent of Support Services. 
    2. State your request (i.e.: reduction of fees, waiver of fees, etc.)
    3. How does your use benefit District 6 students or the Greeley Community?
    4. What is the purpose of your use? Is it educational? If yes, how so?
    5. Which facilities have you requested to use and what will you be doing during these requested times?
    6. What is your history of using District 6 facilities?
    7. Are you claiming Non-Profit status? IF yes, explain why and provide documentation -- If you have recently applied for Non-Profit status with the State/Federal Government, please provide a copy of your application.
    8. Will participants be charged a fee? List cost per person and how the fees are used. 
    9. How many participants do you expect?
    10. Do you have insurance coverage listing District 6 as an additional insured? 
    11. Please provide name, address, phone number and email. 


    Send the completed letter to the attention of Julie Lwis, Facility Use Specialist by one of the following methods: