• nurse giving shot to girl
    The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment approved additional vaccine requirements for children in schools beginning in the 2007-2008 school year.

    *Chickenpox (Varicella):
    -A second dose of Varicella vaccine will be required at 
    Kindergarten entry.

    - If your child has had chickenpox disease, a laboratory
    test showing immunity OR proof of disease which has been 
    documented by a health care provider will be required.

    *Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis (Tdap):
    -The Tdap vaccine will be required for ALL 6th and 10th
    graders for the 2007-2008 school year.

    If your student has not yet received these vaccinations, please schedule an appointment with your health care provider to obtain the required immunizations. Please furnish documentation of immunizations to the School Health Clinic as soon as possible. Contact the school nurse if you have any questions.