Public Concerns/Complaints about Instructional Resources and Teaching Methods

  • Public Concerns and Complaints Regarding Books in a School or Classroom Library


    Greeley-Evans School District 6 recognizes that some materials, even if they have educational merit, may not be suitable for inclusion in the instructional program of the school or in the library. Criticism of a book or other materials available in schools may be expected from time to time. In such instances, the district has developed the following procedures outlined in Board Policy KEC to address public concerns/complaints about instructional materials.


    An individual parent/guardian has the right to request that his/her child not read a given book. When such a request is presented, the teacher and/or school administrator should resolve the situation, perhaps by arranging for use of alternative materials meeting essentially the same instructional purpose. This does not apply, however, to basic program texts and materials that the Board has adopted. For further information, please review the full board policy linked below. 


    Board Policy:

    KEC - Public Concerns/Complaints about Instructional Resources

  • D6 Process for Reviewing Concerns/Complaints and Information on the Book Review Committee:

    KEC-R - Public Complaint Review Process - Public Concerns/Complaints about Instructional Materials  

    A concern/complaint form has been submitted for the following books.  Books will be reviewed in order of the number of complaints filed for each title.


    Two weeks prior to the committee's first meeting for each book title, a public comment form will be made available to provide input on the book. The committee will have access to review the submitted book complaint forms, and public comment will be available, via zoom, for speakers to provide further comment beyond the book complaint form. 


    Public Concerns/Complaints Forms that are incomplete will not be reviewed. This includes:

    • No address listed
    • No signature provided
    • Incorrect or missing supporting documentation
  • Public Concerns and Complaints Regarding Teaching Methods or Activities  


    If there are concerns regarding a teaching method or activity being utilized in a classroom, it is recommended to take the concern to the building teachers and/or administrators to address. After this discussion with the teacher and/or administrator, additional steps to address the concern are outlined in Board Policy KEF. 


    Board Policy:  

    KEF - Public Concerns/Complaints about Teaching Methods, Activities or Presentations 


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