Snack Drawer Program

Snack Drawer Program
  • The Snack Drawer Program is geared towards mental health specialists to connect with students and provide students with an opportunity to have another trusted adult there for them. The snacks follow the Wellness Policy's specific nutrition standards:


    - Not more than 30% of the total calories of the food item, excluding nuts or seeds, is from fat. 

    - Not more than 10% of the total calories of the food item, excluding reduced-fat cheeses, eggs, and nut butters, is from saturated fat. 

    - Not more than 35% of the total weight of the food item, excluding fruits or vegetables, is composed of sugar. 

  • What to know who houses the Snack Drawer at your school?

    Are you a mental health professional at one of the schools still in need of someone to house the Snack Drawer?

    Email the Wellness Specialist, Charlie Wright at!

    School Name
    Brentwood Middle School Amanda LePage
    Centennial Elementary Rachel Owusu
    Chappelow K-8 Leah Alstad
    Dos Rios Elementary Jenna Erickson
    Early Colleges Academy Jessica Rasmussen
    Franklin Middle School Monica Brunswick
    Fred Tjardes Rachel Owusu
    Frontier Elementary Jason Dobson
    Frontier Middle School Megan Steward
    Frontier High School Amanda Miller
    GAP Suzannah Fuller
    Greeley Central High School Danielle Van Nest
    Greeley West High School Marlene Rich
    Heath Middle School Jennifer Fisher (7th/8th grade)
    Heiman Elementary Stefanie Mora
    Jackson Elementary Rachel (Jasper) Winterfeld
    Jefferson High School Elizabeth Brown
    Jefferson Junior High School NEED  
    Madison Elementary Erin Redd
    Maplewood Elementary Jessica Fernandez
    Martinez Elementary Elsa Reza
    McAuliffe K-8 Jaime Cranson
    Meeker Elementary Amber Branecky
    Monfort Elementary Andrea Chapman
    Northridge High School Jessie Caggiano
    Prairie Heights Christina Gari
    Romero 4-8 Lindsay Paukstis
    Romero K-3 NEED  
    Salida Del Sol Amanda Johnson
    Scott Elementary NEED  
    Shawsheen Elementary Shelby Grosboll
    Tointon Academy Hannah Vargo
    Union Colony Elementary Lindsay Nohel
    Union Colony Prep Kristi Dahstrom
    University K-12 Amanda Hahn (grades 2-3 & MS)
    University K-12 NEED
    University K-12 Abbey Farnsworth (HS)
    University K-12 Vanessa Njos (MS)
    West Ridge Academy Ashton Dyer
    Winograd K-8 Nicole Prazzo