• We are very pleased to share our math resources and instructional practice that happen everyday across our district. All of our math curriculum is in alignment with Colorado Academic Standards, which were approved and adopted by our district's Board of Education. To get a closer look at the Colorado Academic Standards, please click on the link below.
    CDE 21st Century
    • Engage NY:  Please notice the links for the Engage NY website. From the first link, select the grade level and math to make connections to what is happening in the classroom in our elementary schools. The second link will help the parents of our students make connections to what is happening in the classroom in our elementary schools.
      • Engage NY Parents Guide : This link gives parents and families information about the Common Core Standards in Mathematics which is embedded in our Colorado                                                   Academic Standards. 



    Instructional resources to support the understanding of Colorado Academic Standards for Secondary can be found at the Colorado Department of Education.

    District 6 provides several opportunities for students to accelerate in the area of mathematics. The following link explains the model District 6 used to map out the standards that compacts Grade 7, Grade 8, and High School Algebra I into accelerated 7th grade math and 8th grade Algebra.

    Middle School Acceleration


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