WCSD6 Education Opportunities

Farm to School Educational Opportunities

  • The District 6 Farm to School Program does more than feed students healthy and locally-sourced meals; it also aims to educate students about their relationship to their food and producers, in order to broaden their understanding of agriculture, the Colorado economy, and healthy eating habits. Our wonderful producers care just as much about educating students about local produce as we do, so collaborate with us on a number of educational opportunities to connect District 6 students to their food.

    Here are some of the programs we operate in District 6:
    1) Farmer in the Classroom

    Through this program, the farmer comes to the school to be a classroom teacher, talking to students about living and working on a Colorado farm. Please note that farmers are extremely busy, especially during the growing and harvesting seasons (March to October), so winter months (November to February) are the best times to schedule a Farmer in the Classroom lesson.

    To request a presentation, please fill out the following Google Form. If you have any questions in the meantime, please email farm2school@greeleyschools.org


    2) Farm Tours

    After a cold winter, a field trip to a farm is the perfect way to get students excited about agriculture and make the connection between the farm and the food on their plate. We work with several farms in Greeley that are within 30 minutes of most D6 schools, as well as other farms across Colorado.

    We may be able to help subsidize transportation costs, but would need advance notice- at least one month, preferably more.

    To request a presentation, please fill out the following Google Form. If you have any questions in the meantime, please email farm2school@greeleyschools.org

    For a virtual farm tour in the comfort of the classroom, check out Wacky Apple’s Farm Tour Video!


    3) Dairy Farm to School

    This program was developed by the Dairy MAX (formally Western Dairy Association) targeting upper elementary school students (3rd-5th grade). A Dairy Ambassador presenter and an informational video introduce students to dairy farms, the steps in producing and processing milk, interesting facts about cows and the dairy industry, and the nutritional value of dairy foods. The presentation includes 30 student handouts with a teacher guide, and a Journey of Milk DVD. For more information, check out their website or contact Kristin Tucker at 720-356-3174.


    4) School Gardens

    School gardens provide a unique, hands-on learning environment for students, teachers and community members. A school garden is a great resource in curricula ranging from nutrition, science, math, social studies, art and much more. It not only serves as an educational tool, but also breeds social team-building skills and gives students a sense of ownership and empowerment.

    D6 Farm to School supports a number of gardens in schools across the district, including Centennial Elementary School, Prairie Heights Middle School, Greeley West High School, and Northridge High School. For more information, check out our school garden page HERE.

    If you are interested in becoming more involved in the garden at your school, contact the garden leader at your school. If you do not know who your school’s garden leader is, if you want to visit another school’s garden as a field trip, or if you simply have questions about our school garden program, please email farm2school@greeleyschools.org


    5) Chef in the Classroom

    While not an explicitly Farm to School program, Chef in the Classroom is a great complement to our other Farm to School program, to demonstrate to students an intermediate stage in the growing-to-eating-food process and further connect them to their food. Chef in the Classroom lessons are provided on an as-requested basis and can be adapted to fit different grade levels and interests (for example, emphasizing nutrition lessons vs. culinary careers). Additionally, schools with gardens have the additional opportunity of using the fruits and vegetables grown in their gardens in their Chef in the Classroom lessons! For more information, check out our Chef in the Classroom page HERE