• Welcome to Centennial Elementary School!
    Centennial Elementary is a K-5 elementary school serving neighborhoods in east Evans and southeast Greeley. About 650 students attend our school. In addition to standard academics, we offer our students art, music, physical education, and a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. Our school has a rich diversity, with students from many backgrounds.  We are focused on achievement and pushing students to always achieving their very best.  
    At Centennial, we teach our students to SOAR: to be Safe, Organized, Achieving and Respectful.
    School Hours
    Please be sure that your student is in school each day ready to work. We are busy learning as soon as the bell rings at 7:50 a.m., so don't be late! Please help your students be on time. More than two tardies in a week will require the student to make up the learning time during recess.

    Visiting School
    We welcome parents to come and see what is going on in the classrooms. Be sure to check in at the office when you arrive at school. Community members are also welcome to visit our school. Please contact the school office at 348-1100 to schedule a time to come in and meet our principal and take a tour.

    Parking (including student drop-off and pick-up)
    For all children’s safety, please drive carefully as students cross 36th Street and all crossing areas.

    Student crossing at North Gate - please continue to remind your child(ren) to cross the streets at the crosswalks or on street corners. Motorists are more prepared to stop at the crosswalk than in the middle of the street. If you are picking up your children after school, please make arrangements where you can meet them rather than stopping in the middle of the street to pick them up.

    To minimize congestion, you are welcome to park along 15th Street just east of the school. Very few people use this area for child pick up. Please refrain from entering the parking lot at the west exit. This will decrease the likelihood of an accident or police ticket. Parents are also not allowed to park in the two parking lots west of the school on 37th St. These two parking lots are owned by private businesses, and are provided for their customers and employees ONLY. Any other vehicle parked in these two lots will be towed by the business owner.

    Parents are not to come into the building or onto the playground to either drop or pick up students. If you must get your child early, you need to come to the office and check them out.
    Our Facebook page may be found at https://facebook.com/centennialevans