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What is Nutrition Services?

  • Many often wonder what is Nutrition Services and how is it funded? Nutrition Services provides approximately 11,000 lunches and 5,000 breakfasts each day. Our district has 19,000 students, 60% of whom qualify for meals at a free of reduced rate. That means, 2,407,969 reimbursable meals are provided by Nutrition Services, annually. Nutrition Services' funding is separate from the District's general fund. It is often referred to as "Fund 51" or the "Foodservice Fund." Nutrition Services operates on a break-even budget, meaning all funding comes from meal sales and meal reimbursements. With this budget, Nutrition Services is able to contribute back to the General Fund. Grants are also a major part of the Nutrition Services budget. For the 2012-2013 school year, we received over $470,000 in grants to help support foodservice and nutritional education.
    As you're likely well aware, Nutrition Services has gone through a bit of a makeover in the past couple of school years.  In an effort to "Fuel the Future of Our Students," we have revised our menus to provide students with the healthiest possible meals.  This has included a number of innovative steps that we are very proud of.  We have returned to scratch cooking in an effort to elimiate highly-processed foods.  It is our goal to eliminate highly-processed foods from all District 6 menus by 2015.  In addition, we have added salad bars to every school to increase the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables.  We have also made an effort to cut-back the amount of chocolate milk we provide so that we can reduce the amount of added sugar and calories our students consume. In addition to all of these successes, we have expanded our breakfast program at a number of schools to provide breakfast free to every child in the classroom.
    With the USDA's new school meal regulations, other schools across the nation are following suit.  Check out this article below to learn more about the great benefits that the school meal programs provide to students every day.
    Colorado Department of Education Nutrition Brochure

    Have any specific questions? Email schoolfood@greeleyschools.org or call (970)348-6600.