• Website pinpoints areas of strength and weaknesses.
    The Question: What civic value do you believe is most essential to being an American? Trace the enduring importance of this value throughout the American story by discussing: a Founding document that reflects this value; a figure from American history who embodies this value; and examples of how you have and/or could put this value into practice. Prizes: The top 27 student AND teacher winners will receive cash prizes up to $5,000 and an all-expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C. in the spring 2011 for a educational program hosted by the Bill of Rights Institute. Students will be able to bring one parent to accompany them on the trip, whose travel and lodging will also be a part of the prize and paid for the Bill of Rights Institute. •First place - $5,000 •Second place -$1,000 •Third place - $500 •Honorable Mentions (7 in each of 9 regions) - $100 Deadline: Dec 1, 2010
    Interactive modules & variety of resources on Congress & governmetn's roles including: impact of government on daily life, budgetary and legislative processes, notable members, Lee Hamilton's comments, Congressional Moments, and Congressional video clips.
    Use this calculator to see what states your favorite candidate needs to win to become president.
    Archive of presidential campaign commercials for election cycle.
    Front pages of newspapers from across the US.
    Under tabs, several figures and graphs on campaigns and campaign financing and contributions.
    Includes a variety of primary sources during the Revolutionary era.
    Collection of various polling results
    Tutorials and Practice examining graphs, images, and examining primary and secondary sources.
    Tons of information, from platforms to results, on presidential elections from the 1800s to today. Also includes a ton of primary resources from the administrations of our Presidents.
    Select Questions; gives percentages of people answering each question with your results.
    Information on elected officials including rankings by interest groups.