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    Wildcat Families,

    10/17/2020:  Greeley Central has been informed that an individual in our school has tested positive for COVID-19.


    The individuals who are considered to be at high risk of exposure have already been contacted directly by phone and email.

    On 10/1, this affected 16 individuals (14 students & 2 adults).

    On 10/2, this affected 9 individuals (8 students & 1 adult).

    On 10/13, this affected 65 individuals (58 students & 7 adults).

    We are working with the Weld County Department of Public Health on protocols for this exposure.
    Please note that per the guidance from the Weld County Department of Public Health, the unaffected cohorts are not at high risk for exposure and will be able to continue their classes.


    Another great example of why we are cohorting our students. Cohorting students limits exposure to others. While we are very concerned about this situation, we do believe that we have the correct protocols in place to address these exposures as they occur.


    Please continue to work with your students on the protocols that will limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19. We have posted a letter below with guidance and additional information.


    REMEMBER: If you are waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test for your student or another member of your household, DO NOT SEND YOUR STUDENT TO SCHOOL UNTIL YOU RECEIVE A NEGATIVE TEST RESULT.


    CLICK HERE FOR THIS LETTER (English and Spanish)

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  • bell schedule QUARTER 1 ENDS - QUARTER 2 BEGINS!


    Quarter 1 finished on Friday, October 16th.

    Quarter 2 began on Monday, October 19th with Group A in-person/Group B online off-site. On Tuesday, October 20th Group B was in-person/Group A online off-site. Please see the table below for a visual calendar.

    The hybrid bell schedule we will be using follows an AA/BB schedule.

    The way this will work will be when Group A is in-person at the school, then Group B will be online off-site. When Group B is in-person at the school, then Group A will be online off-site. On Wednesdays, all students will be online off-site.

    On Mondays & Tuesdays, Group A will be in-person and Group B will be online off-site.

    On Thursdays & Fridays, Group B will be in-person and Group A will be online off-site.

    Groups have been determined by the last name of the student:

    • Group A = Last Names A - L
    • Group B = Last Names M - Z


    We have listed each day's group on our website's upcoming events section (see to the right).



    Calendar below was revised/updated on 10/20/2020 at 4:10pm.

    Nov Calendar Oct Calendar

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    We are looking for 5 to 7 more cheerleaders to bulk up this year's GCHS Cheer roster. 
    The process is the same as tryouts last April:
    • Students will need to fill out a tryout application (see link below) and then they will receive their next steps from Coach Garza.
    • We will not hold a clinic to learn cheers and dance.
    • ALL material will be learned virtually and then Coach Garza will hold an in person tryout with all the same protocols as the summer.
    • Coach Garza will be sure to share who fills out an application with Mrs. Barnes in the Athletic Office to see if we have an updated physical or any eligibility issues.
    Here is the link to the application:
    Tryout dates
    • Application Deadline: Friday, October 23
    • Virtual Clinics: Wednesday, October 28 - Tuesday, November 3
    • In Person Tryout: Wednesday, November 4
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  • Mask



    Take advantage of the opportunity to look your best and show your Wildcat pride at school events, in the hallways, or while you’re out getting groceries when you buy your CUSTOM GCHS WILDCAT facemask.

    Hurry!  Purchases can be made through October 29th and delivered around November 12th.

    These masks are larger and have an adjustable ear piece - they are more comfortable than the masks offered in our June campaign.


    You can find the link and flyer on our homepage or you can CLICK THIS LINK to get your custom facemask.

    Your custom Wildcat facemask is only $14.00 and all proceeds support GCHS Softball.

    Masks will be distributed by our Softball team & coaches.

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    spirit gear 1

    spirit gear 2
    The Greeley Central Cheer Team is partnering with FanCloth this year to sell some amazing GCHS Spirit Gear! This fundraiser is completely COVID friendly. We have set up a website that allows you to order your GCHS Spirit Gear and have it shipped directly to you. This fundraiser will run until November 12 which guarantees a Christmas delivery. So if you're looking for some fun Christmas gifts for yourself, students, family, and/or friends this is perfect for you!
    We have everything from jackets to lawn chairs (see examples to the right). We have general GCHS gear but if you'd love to support our cheer team we have a few items that are cheer specific. 
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  • FOOTBALL GAME DETAILS (10/30/2020)


    We are gearing up for our next football game on Friday, October 30th at District 6 Stadium.

    Although the game is scheduled for us to play, there are MASSIVE restrictions this year due to the current health situation.

    Attendance, Admittance & Cost

    • Attendance at our games will be severely limited.
    • Must have a pre-approved voucher to purchase a ticket.
    • New this year: We will have credit/debit card readers at the ticket booth.
    • EACH TICKET is $6 for any spectator - no exceptions.
    • NO CONCESSIONS AVAILABLE (see rules & guidelines by clicking the link below)



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    Please click this link to go to our Athletic page for viewing & downloading current game rosters in lieu of printed programs.

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    CLICK HERE to download the October newsletter.

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    College Center Staff Contacts:

    The GCHS College Center is located in Room 211.

    Senior Updates

    Join the “GCHS 2021 Senior Class” Google Classroom.

    • We will be posting information about available scholarships, financial aid, college applications, and other career or college related updates.

    Complete the Senior Survey!

    • The Senior Survey is a requirement to graduate. The College Center Staff would like to know what your plans after high school are. We want to find the best way to support you. 

    Book a FAFSA appointment

    • Students and families will have the opportunity to meet virtually with an advisor to complete their 2021-2022 FAFSA application.
    • If your family does not speak English, please let us the College Center staff know. We will make the proper accommodations and have a translator available for your family.
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    The main office is now back to our normal school office hours. The main office is open Monday-Friday, 7am-3:45pm.


    If you have any Chromebooks, textbooks, Library books, uniforms, calculators, or any other school item that still needs to be returned, please come to the main office to drop them off. The only door that will be open will be the North door by the staff parking lot.


    Remember that anyone entering the building is required to wear a face mask or covering.

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    Dear Parents and/or Guardians,

    Greeley Central is again looking for adults to be on a school accountability committee. Its charter is to meet with me, the principal of Greeley Central and advise me on potential decisions that relate to the school—a particularly challenging charter considering this COVID-19 year. The committee must consist of the following:

    1. The principal of the school or the principal’s designee;
    2. At least one teacher who provides instruction in the school;
    3. At least three parents of students enrolled in the school;
    4. At least one adult member of an organization of parents, teachers, and students recognized by the school; and
    5. At least one person from the community.

    The dates for these meetings have not been set, yet.

    If you would like a voice in Greeley Central’s vision, direction, and decisions, please email me at casmith@greeleyschools.org or call me at (970) 348-5009.

    Thank you,

    Go Wildcats!
    Cary Smith, Principal



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    Check out our Historic Brick Wall, built during the 1999-2000 remodel of the Castle.


    Click this link to go to the Brick Wall.

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    Sports registration for FALL SPORTS is now open.

    Registration links are now active for Fall sports for the 2020-21 school year!

    The only FALL sports occuring right now will be Boys Tennis, Boys Golf, Girls Softball, and Co-ed Cross Country.

    As of 9/21/2020, FOOTBALL will now be played in the fall! Practices begin Thursday, 9/24 so get your registrations completed and cleared.

    All other fall sports have been postponed until either the winter or spring.

    You can contact Greeley Central's Activities director, Sean Scribbick (sscribbick@greeleyschools.org), or Sue Barnes (sbarnes1@greeleyschools.org) in the Athletics/Activities office at 970-348-5004 with questions pertaining to sports.

    Due to the current health crisis, there will be some changes to how some practices are held. Follow the link below to go to the sports registration page directly:




    g Parents will need to follow the link above, login to their account (or create a new account), and then register your student(s) for the sport your student wishes to participate for the FALL ONLY. Make sure all of your contact information as well as your insurance information and physical is up to date and not expired. If your student had registered for a sport last school year, just log into the rSchool site (see link above) and register your student for the next sport.

    Physical forms can be found by clicking here or from our Athletics page under the Sports Registration & Supplemental Files section or in the Main Office.

    Any student who wishes to participate in any sport must register online using the sports registration link above. All students must have an up to date physical as well as insurance.

    Please note that prior to your student participating in ANY practice or games, registration must be completed online and you must be cleared through the Activities office. Mrs. Barnes will notify those parents/students who are missing information from their registration via email.


    PLEASE NOTE that we suggest that you DO NOT USE YOUR CELL PHONE to register and we also suggest you use Google Chrome as your browser for registering your student. We have noticed that using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge as the browser will sometimes not allow you to continue past the login screen.


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    Kids eat Free logo


    USDA waivers granted on Monday, August 31, 2020, allow Nutrition Services to feed all kids for free.


    View all information on the District 6 2020 food stops by CLICKING HERE. You can also find updates at their Facebook page.

    Any major changes to the distribution will be communicated to families. Minor changes to routes and stops may occur without notice but the most up to date information on serving locations will be posted on the District’s Nutrition Services website given above. Their Facebook page also has the most up to date information so be sure to check that out as well.


    The location for the food pickup at Greeley Central is located at the school bus stop at the North side of our school next to our staff parking lot OR in our Northwest student parking lot.


    Call the Hunger Free Hotline toll-free at (855) 855-4626 to be connected to food resources in Colorado.

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    If you are a parent or guardian of a student at Greeley Central (or for that matter, a student at any District 6 school) please make sure you have updated your contact information with your student's current school.

    If you have not received phone calls or emails from the District or Greeley Central in a while, there's a good chance that your contact information is incorrect or that your number or email address has blocked incoming calls or emails from our school and District.

    In order to provide our parents and guardians with the most up to date information and to contact you in case of emergency, valid contact information is crucial. If you have a new phone number or have moved recently, please contact the school and we will update the information. Please note that you can update email addresses and phone numbers through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal as well. A change of address does require proof of address and must be sumbitted to the school or District office before we can change this.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Students new to District 6 will need to register online through the District 6 Admissions webpage. Please read all required information given on the Admissions page before proceeding to fill out the application.

    Click the link below start the registration process:


    If your address is not in our school boundary, you must also fill out an open enrollment application on the Admissions page along with registering your student (click the "Register Your Student" link above and then look for the "Open Enrollment" link on that page). At this time, students not in our boundary will be placed on a wait list for Greeley Central, but you must first register AND apply for open enrollment.

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    Are you looking to see what your SAT or PSAT scores were from this past school year?

    Click the following link to check:


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    Every year each student who wishes to be considered for free & reduced lunches must have their parent or guardian fill out a new application.

    The best method of doing this is online.  Completing your application online takes significantly less time and will facilitate a quicker turnaround time for determining your status.

    Please click the link below to take you to this online application:

    If you prefer to fill out a paper application you can pick this application up from the main office or go directly to Nutrition Services at the Service Center located at 2504 4th Avenue.  Please note that filling out a paper application does take longer to process and get results.

    Please note that students who have not had an application processed by one of the last days in September will have a "paid" status until approximately the end of the first week in October.  After that date, the student's free & reduced status will be revoked, so please don't wait until the last minute to complete this application. Please check with Nutritional Services for all required due dates & information:

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    Please drop students off at the West entrance (student parking lot) in the morning for school.  This parking lot is designed for a better flow of traffic.  The Faculty parking lot (located on the North side of the building) is not designed for high-volume traffic and by trying to drop your student off at the North doors creates a bottle-neck on 15th Street and in the parking lot itself.
    The West entrance (student parking lot) creates a safer area for your student to get into the building rather than having them walk across 15th Street in traffic.  Thank you for your attention to this as we strive to keep the area safe for not only your student but for you as well
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    To report an absence for your student please call the attendance line directly at (970) 348-5014
    Please also remember to bring a photo ID with you when you come to pick up your child. Although some staff may know the parents of students, not everyone in the office may be familiar with you or your child.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
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District 6 Headlines

  • D6 Athlete of the Week - Emma Johnston

    Congratulations to D6 Athlete of the Week Emma Johnston from Greeley Central High School! "Emma Johnston has formed herself into a standout member of the GCHS softball program. Since early January, Emma has dedicated herself to training to be an effective pitcher for the Wildcats. This paid off for the Wildcats with multiple wins against conference opponents including a no-hitter. Emma is also a standout student carrying a 4.14 cumulative GPA while also taking multiple AP and Aims courses. We are proud to call Emma Johnston a Wildcat." - Sean Miller, Head Greeley Central High School Softball Coach

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  • LIVESTREAM: Greeley Central High School vs. Windsor High School Football Game

    The Greeley Central High School vs. Windsor High School football game will stream LIVE on the Greeley-Evans School District 6 YouTube channel and website at 6 p.m. on Thursday, October 8, 2020.

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  • District 6 schools, offices to close for long weekend

    Most Greeley-Evans School District 6 non-charter schools will be closed Friday, October 9 and Monday, October 12, and all District 6 offices will be closed Monday, October 12.

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  • Community partners help pay off student meal debt

    Today, all accumulated student meal debt was erased in Greeley-Evans School District 6 thanks to the help of some amazing community partners. Food4Success is a fundraising campaign sponsored by The Success Foundation Serving Greeley-Evans Schools. The goal of the campaign is to raise funds to help pay off accumulated student meal debt accrued through the District 6 Nutrition Services Department. When students who do not qualify for free meals cannot pay for a meal, they still receive same lunch or breakfast that other students receive. However, if the meal debt isn’t eventually paid by families, then District 6 must pay for that debt out of its general fund. At the beginning of this school year, District 6 had $147,000 in meal debt. Today, that amount is zero.

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  • New PK - 8th Grade School Conceptual Flyover

    Greeley-Evans School District 6 is developing a design for a new Preschool through 8th grade school to accommodate approximately 900 students. The school will be located near the Boomerang Golf Course at the intersection of 71st Avenue and 4th Street. District 6 negotiated with Banner Health for the purchase of the property, which included trading property with Banner Health that the District owned near Promontory.

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Non-discrimination Statement/Equal Opportunity

  • In compliance with Titles VI & VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008, and Colorado law, Weld County School District 6, Greeley, Colorado, does not unlawfully discriminate against otherwise qualified students, employees, applicants for employment, or members of the public on the basis of disability, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, religion, ancestry, or need for special education services. Discrimination against employees and applicants for employment based on age, genetic information, and conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth is also prohibited in accordance with state and/or federal law.

    Complaint procedures have been established for students, parents, employees and members of the public. The following person has been identified as the compliance officer and Title IX Coordinator for the district.

    Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Annette Overton
    1025 Ninth Avenue, Greeley, CO 80631
    Phone: 970-348-6074
    Email: joverton@greeleyschools.org

    Outside Agencies:  Complaints regarding violations of Title VI (race, national origin), Title IX (sex/gender), Section 504/ADA (handicap or disability), may be filed directly with the Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, 1244 North Speer Boulevard, Suite 310, Denver, Colorado, 80204. Complaints regarding violations of Title VII (employment) and the ADEA (prohibiting age discrimination in employment) may be filed directly with the Federal Office of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 303 E. 17th Avenue, Suite 510, Denver, Colorado, 80202, or the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, 1560 Broadway, Suite 1050, Denver, Colorado, 80202.

    Revised: October 3, 2017
    Revised: November 27, 2017
    Revised: January 13, 2020
    Revised: August 10, 2020

    Weld County School District 6, Greeley, Colorado

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