PE & Health Course Outline


    This course provides students with the opportunity to learn a variety of sports and sport related movements as well as health and fitness concepts. Health topics relate to nutrition, fitness health and wellness. Emphasis is placed on active participation and positive social interaction during fitness and sport activities. 



    Athletic shoes and loose fitting, appropriate clothes are required every day in order to earn participation credit. Sweat pants and sweatshirt are allowed as needed. If a student does not dress out with appropriate attire, they cannot participate. Low cut shirts, tank tops, skirts, short shorts, droopy pants, as perstudent handbook, are not allowed in PE class. 


    Good sportsmanship, safety, appropriate language, COURAGE behavior, and following all rules and procedures are expected at all times. Points will be deducted from daily grade for behavior that is disruptive to self, students, or the teacher for each occurrence. No food, drink, gum are permitted during PE class. 


    Students have the responsibility to attend PE class regularly and punctually as well as participate fully in the classroom. 



    The final grade is a combination of the Classroom, Participation, Activity Assessments, and the Conduct portions of the class. The following grade scale will be used:

    • 100 - 90 = A
    • 89 - 80 = B
    • 79 - 70 = C
    • 69 -60 =D
    • 59 - 0 = F



    Doctor's excuses are honored with a letter from the students' physician stating the following:

    • Doctor's printed name
    • Doctor's office phone number
    • The specific dates the student is excused from PE activity
    • The specific date the student may return to participation
    • All missed activity days must be made up at the teacher's discretion
    • Student will be responsible for classroom work and conduct while excused



    The physical education instructor will, to the very best of her ability, make all activities as safe as possible. Be aware that injuries can and do occur in all aspects of physical activity. The student or parent needs to make the teacher aware of any physical mental, or emotional problems regarding the safety of the student at all times. If an injury occurs, no matter how insignificant, the teacher must be notified immediately.