• Welcome to 1st Grade!
    We are so excited to be back at Meeker for another year of fun.
    This year Meeker will fully implement our Leader in Me Program. Here are the habits we will be working on: 
    The Leader in Me
    1st graders will become habit leaders in all aspects of their day. 
    In 1st grade, we work on becoming great readers using the Reading Mastery Program as well as Lexia, a new computer reading program.
    In math, we learn with stations. We become masters of numbers between 1 and 10 then work toward the next level of 10-20. We will continue to use the program, ST Math. 
    1st graders will also work in the subjects of writing, perfecting our handwriting and learning sentences. We rotate science and social studies beginning with plants in science. 
    Our classrooms have Smartboards, and we will be innovating learning with the new technology now available. Students will have access to their own computers to interact with our Smartboards as well as enhancing reading and math with a computer rotation. 
    We are excited for a new year of change and growth!