Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm-7:30pm at the Meeker School Library. All parents are welcome to attend! Please join us.
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    October 4, 2017

    MSA Meeting Agenda and Minutes


    1. Welcome - Courtney - start time 6:08pm - In attendance: Courtney Joyner, Taylor Plumb, Cambrie Martinez, Danny Nolan, Ramon Reyes, Cassie Gonzales, Rebekah Billings, Olivia Myers, Mary Karowsky, David Karowsky
    2. Restate what MSA does (if there are new people in attendance) - Courtney - Fundraisers, P/T Conference Meals, etc.
    3. Watch DOGS - Ramon Reyes - Dads Of Great Students - Bring positive adult role models into the school. Literature tells us that having male adult role models create successful students. We encourage the students male (although females are always welcome also!) role models to come in spend the {whole or half} day. No limit on how many visits in the year. MUST BE IN THE VOLUNTEER SYSTEM. Must call Mr. Reyes ahead of time to let school know when you can come. Watch DOGS stay with their student and follow their schedule. They do not teach, although its highly encouraged that they help any/all students in the classroom.
    4. PBIS Chocolate Bar Sales - Help Needed from MSA - Cassie Gonzales - Need morning volunteers to collect permission slips, collect money, get prizes into teacher boxes and hang paper chocolate bars in the cafeteria (grade level competition to see who can sell the most boxes). In the mornings, MSA will also get orders ready and to classrooms to be taken home at the end of the day. $1bars/$40boxes. Permission slips go out October 12th (no school October 13), pick up chocolate starting Monday, October 16th. The boxes can be checked out 7:20am-8:00am in the library ONLY. November 3rd is the last day to sell chocolate. Each box sold/money returned earns 4 Emoji Dogtags.
    5. Fall Fundraiser Update - Taylor

                Raised $16,850 - we get around $7,000!

                Items come in October 5 - Still need help sorting and delivering (to classrooms)

    1. Holiday Gift Shop - Courtney - We will write a parent letter that includes some examples/prices. It will also have a worksheet for kids to plan who to shop for and how much to spend.

                We are basing it off of items from last years shop

                Doing it on our own

                Ordering items

                Pricing items

                Storing items

                Profiting 100%!!

                WE WILL NEED LOTS OF HELP!!

                Going to ask for the week of December 11 until 4pm

    1. Teacher Petitions - None
    2. Next MSA Meeting - November 1, 6:00pm, Meeker Library - Meeting ended at 7:58pm.




    I (Courtney) forgot to ask in enough time, so it is my fault, sorry! We have an account update:

    Current Balance: $24,560.17

    September Expenses: NONE

    Great American (Fundraiser): $10,553.10 (An October Expense)